Join Me for My Tarot for Writers Workshop

Tarot for Writers | Workshop | ValentinelliIn this two-hour Tarot for Writers workshop, author and narrative designer Monica Valentinelli (Vampire: The Masquerade, Shadowrun, Firefly, and more!) will show you how to use tarot in your storytelling.

From inspirational prompts to building characters and scenarios, you’ll come away with fresh ideas to help you brainstorm everything from character relationships to plot twists.

In addition to a lecture and slides/handouts, you’ll also perform short creative exercises–so get ready to be inspired! A tarot deck of your choosing is recommended but not required for this class.

Date: Sunday, June 6
Time: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm CST

For more information about pricing, discounts, and scholarships, visit the Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers. Be sure to follow @academyrambo for additional news and updates about upcoming classes.

Friendly Friday: Prisma Visions Tarot and James R Eads

The Magician | Prisma Visions Tarot | James R Eads

One of the things that I love about tarot cards, is that there are so many different ways to represent the images in a deck. I collect them and, of all the decks I have, one of the most unusual and beautiful is the Prisma Visions tarot designed by James R Eads.

The Major Arcana image of The Magician doesn’t do this deck justice. James is known for playing with light, and his style really shines through in a tarot deck. What’s really cool about the Prisma Visions tarot, besides the silver edging and the lovely box, is that each suit has also been illustrated as a panoramic piece. To see all four suits illustrated in their entirety, James offers full-size panoramic prints. I have a smaller print of the Ace of Swords, and I love the quality and theme he uses to breathe magical life into the suits.

In addition to the Prisma Visions tarot, which is the second deck he’s designed, James also offers prints and stickers of his illustrations as well. If you dig his art, you’re not alone! James also creates beautiful posters for bands and other gigs, too. He has a lovely portfolio, and I’m glad I have a little piece of his talented works.

If you’re interested in this artist, visit the official website of James R Eads or follow James R Eads on Tumblr.

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[New Release] Drawing Destiny eBook Now Available

Drawing Destiny Cover

…And nothing will ever be the same again.

The Tarot, a mystical divination deck of cards, has appeared in the Sixth World as a powerful artifact. It works its will on anyone who finds one of its magical cards, from runners surviving on the street to corp executives battling in the boardroom. And not just people’s lives will be changed, for the Awakened Tarot deck is more than just a formidable magic item, it has an agenda all its own, and will seek to use those it comes in contact with to set its plans in motion…

Drawing Destiny is the latest original Shadowrun anthology, featuring twenty-three original stories about this brand-new artifact introduced into the game universe. Featuring stories from Michael A. Stackpole, Jennifer Brozek, Chris A. Jackson, Lucy A. Snyder, Aaron Rosenberg, R.L. King, Russell Zimmerman, Monica Valentinelli, Josh Vogt, and Jason M. Hardy, and 14 more authors, these stories reveal how the Awakened Tarot will impact the Sixth World for better, and sometimes, for much worse… The cover was designed by Echo Chernik, who also designed the Sixth World tarot deck.

In addition to the tarot theme, the collection highlights different characters and their place in the Sixth World, and includes the Italian Federation which I used as the basis for “My Enemy, Mi Amici”. You can read my design notes on the Catalyst Game Labs Tumblr account, and you can now pick up a copy of the eBook on or Amazon. I hope you enjoy the collection!

Looking for Monica’s books and games that are still in print? Visit Monica Valentinelli on Amazon’s Author Central or a bookstore near you.


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