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As a contributor to Monica has had the chance to explore many worlds of Horror & Dark Fantasy in a variety of games. You can see from her Publications Page here on MLVWrites that she has also had the chance to write for a few of them.

Some of the games she has written reviews of are:

Vampire: Dark Influences from White Wolf Studios
Dead of Night from Steampower Publishing
Gloom from Atlas Games
Cold Hard World from Atomic Sock Monkey Press
Dracula’s Revenge from Human Head Studios
a|state from Contested Ground Studios
Prouty Island from Flying Mice LLC
Zombies!!! from Twilight Creations Inc.
Blood & Brains from RPGObjects
Unbidden from Precis Intermedia Games

Writing Conference at UW-Milwaukee March 7 to 9 2008

Billed as the conference where “you CAN succeed as a writer, the Sixth Annual Spring Writer’s Festival at UW-Milwaukee offers a variety of seminars for novices to the craft. I have a vested interest in this conference because my Netconcepts work colleague, Jeff Muendel who writes for a variety of publications including CNet Searchlight and Practical eCommerce, will be presenting. His seminar is one of interest to many authors, it is titled, “A Writer’s Website” and takes place on Sunday, March 9th at 9:30 a.m. Jeff works as an analyst and has a lot of expertise to share — he’s also a fiction author in his own right — so if you’re planning on paying the $269 to go, be sure to stop by and listen to his “must-see” presentation.

Jeff Muendel’s presentation is perfect for any writer, novice or pro. Here’s the synopsis of Jeff’s presentation:

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Game Design for Girls: Scholarship and Day Camp

PacMan Girl Ghost | OpenSource ArtI belong to several writing and networking groups all around the web, and sometimes there are events posted that are just “that cool.” This summer event is so in touch and up-to-date with our current culture, it’s definitely worth checking out and is perfect for young women interested in this multi-million dollar industry.

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Visit the Underwater Aquarium at the Mall of America

Box TurtlesIf you’re really tired of the weather and are looking for a great experience, I highly recommend the Underwater Aquarium at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. It’s really not that expensive to go, and I feel that you’ll get your money’s worth. I’ve been to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois and the New England Aquarium in Boston, Massachusetts. While each of those aquariums have their own benefits; the Shedd has really great, unique fish (like the glow-in-the-dark tanks), and the New England Aquarium offers whale watching and an innovative display where you can see a cross-section of the sea. I have to say, though, that the Underwater Aquarium is definitely my favorite so far because it gives you something that I haven’t seen anywhere else — up close and personal encounters with sharks, giant stingrays, and giant sea turtles.

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Why this Author will never “Tell”

Open Book | OpenSource Clip ArtIt’s pretty rare for me to get upset about my work and the submission cycle because, like so many other authors, I’ve dealt with quite a few editors in my time. This time was a bit different, however, because as I find myself enjoying my work more, I am gravitating toward a technique that allows me to play around with semantics and words. What I’m talking about here, is something that many people call “the tell.”

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