For Exposure Pre-Orders Now Available

Today, Apex Book Company announced that For Exposure: The Life and Times of a Small Press Publisher pre-orders are now available.

For Exposure: The Life and Times of a Small Press Publisher by Jason Sizemore chronicles Jason’s journey over the past ten years as the owner/publisher of Apex Publications and the events that set him on that road. This nonfiction book is filled with humorous essays by Jason, with rebuttals from some of the people who have helped shape Apex into what it is today.

I am pleased to announce that my essay is also a part of this collection. It’s a satirical piece called “The Case of the Mysterious Splatter”. More information is available here: Pre-Order Announcement and here: pre-order link.

New Release: Ghosts in the Black

Ghost in the Black

I am pleased to announce that GHOSTS IN THE BLACK is now available. This campaign supplement is designed by veteran game designer Robin Laws for the FIREFLY RPG. You and your Crew will have to perform some thrillin’ heroics over the course of five, unique Episodes to uncover a legendary Alliance warship’s dangerous secrets. As you play through “Six Cylinders Make a Right”, “Prisoner 3102Y”, “Tombstone Bullets and a Graveyard Mind”, “Hellhound Trail”, and “The Big Dark” you’ll find out just how mighty powerful the Alliance truly is. The story, which is rooted in the Unification War, will provide you with hours of Firefly fun! Shiny!

New Release! Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim

Smugglers Guide

Does your Crew have what it takes to fly the Good Shepherd’s Run?

I am pleased to announce a brand new release for the Firefly RPG. The Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim is a supplement designed for both players and GMs. It introduces Reputation rules for Crewmembers, 12 new archetypes, the Good Shepherd’s Run, more Chinese translations, more rules, new in game aids, a pair of Episodes, and more!

The Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim was just released on digital, and will be available in print soon.

Added Firefly RPG Freebie! A New Sheet!

Interactive Crew and Ship

Hey! Don’t know if you heard the news, but we’ve added the Advancement Sheet to the free download of the Firefly RPG Interactive Crew and Ship Sheet. Download away!

The new Advancement Sheet also has a spot to track your Reputation dice ratings–part of the brand new rules introduced in the upcoming Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim! You can find out more about this upcoming sourcebook when you read the Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim Table of Contents.

Don’t forget! Things Don’t Go Smooth is available in PDF and was just released in stores, too. If you’re enjoying any of our releases, please help us out with a review. We all appreciate your feedback, comments, and kudos! Speaking of which, thanks to Megan for reviewing my Episode Friends in Low Places. She sums up her review by saying: “If quite intricate plots, villains to foil, choices to make and a few good brawls make a good game for you, this is one to take a look at.” Thanks!

Thank you for playing the game! Hope you enjoy this latest release for the Firefly RPG line. Shiny!

Introducing Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim


Howdy, Browncoats!

Today, I am thrilled to tell you that we’ve finished the manuscript for Firefly RPG, and it is now available for pre-order with an estimated February 2015 delivery. If you’ve already dived into Things Don’t Go Smooth, you’re probably aware that our second supplement is geared for your friendly neighborhood GM. It’s got a big pile of rules, Antagonists, and a pair of Episodes, too—along with new GM-facing rules in the shape of scene and location triggers for Trait dice.

Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim, on the other hand, is a book for both players and GMs. I am super excited about this supplement and can’t wait to share it with you, because it is jam-packed with great stuff! Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim introduces Reputation rules for Crewmembers, 12 new archetypes, the Good Shepherd’s Run, more Chinese translations, more rules, new in game aids, and a pair of Episodes written by Margaret Weis and Greg Stolze. 

Here’s the chapter-by-chapter breakdown of this amazing book:

Chapter 1: Openin’ Up Your Smuggler’s Guide: This here section gives you an overview of what’s in the Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim. It’s pretty short on account of the fact that you’ll probably want to get to the good stuff. 

Chapter 2: Usin’ Your Reputation: If’n you want to try out the new rules to risk your Reputation, then read on! Find out how to earn it, how to lose it, and how to make it count. While Reputation rules are player-facing, Gamemaster characters will employ Dispositions to guide interactions with the Crew. In addition to the new Reputation rules, you’ll also dive into plenty of examples, read about the four Factions in the ’Verse, and get an overview of Dispositions, too!

Chapter 3: Crewmembers and Boats: If’n you want to risk your Reputation, you may want to revisit the rules on your Crew Sheet and Ship Sheet. In this chapter, you’ll read about the suggested Reputation die ratings for the Serenity Crew and discover twelve, brand new archetypes. They are: Alliance Contractor, Alliance Dogfighter, Alliance General, Folk Hero, Freedom Fighter, Roving Medic, Corporate Broker, Corporate Lackey, Corporate Researcher, Friendly Face, Lone Hood, and the Shady Entrepreneur.

Chapter 4: Good Shepherd’s Run: Each location in the Blue Sun and Kalidasa Systems is presented like a brand new Episode for you to dive in and explore with new story ideas, ship rules, . You’ll fly to places like Deadwood, Ghost, Kuan Lo, and strange locations like The Nest!

Chapter 5: All in the Family: Margaret Weis presents a brand new Episode for Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim.Nothing’s more important than family, ’cept maybe a big ole strongbox of gold coins. Bao-Huang Qin, the leader of the Dragon Tong, has tasked your Crew with recoverin’ his loot, thought lost after it’d been confiscated by the Alliance. Qin ain’t askin’, though—he’s holdin’ Jayne’s momma as collateral and his daughter, Fang-Hua Qin, is accompanying the Crew on this job. Easy, right? Problem is it’s on a wreck floatin’ in Reaver space, and four mercs sent by Qin’s unlikely rival Agnes Pierce will be racin’ your Crew to the prize—and they don’t give a damn about Jayne’s momma.

Chapter 6: Circling the Wagons: Greg Stolze penned this here Episode. Folk in the Core think they can put a leash on damn near everyone else in the ’Verse, and one of their leashes is named Special Independent Investigator Garth Mandrake. But a leash matters less to them what love power than who’s holdin’ it. Mandrake’s found himself caught between two political cliques within the Alliance. Their tiff strands him on an uncharted rock facetiously known as Barry’s Kingdom, with each side hiring a ship—the Crew and their greatest rivals—to pick him up and get him under their control. The Crews got to deal with double-dealing, rampaging wrecks and the namesake of the planetoid to get the SII in hand while he’s still breathing. And that’s before the Reavers show up.

Appendix: We’ve included a brand new FAQ, Chinese translations, collated all the Distinctions, added in the maps for the Kalidasa and Blue Sun Systems, and included a set of brand new tools for players and GMs—an Advancement Sheet that includes Reputation die ratings and a GMC Sheet, too!

Stay tuned for more news about this brand new supplement! Hope you’re as excited as we are to share it with you!

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