There’s a Storm Coming…

There’s a storm coming, and I’ll be a part of it! The Torg RPG, which is a cult classic roleplaying game, will launch on Kickstarter on May 31st. I’ve been asked to write a short adventure for it, along with several other amazing game designers. Watch for the launch at the end of this month!

Script Excerpt from Last Man Zombie Standing Comic

Last Zombie Standing | Unfashioned Creatures: A Frankenstein Anthology

Today’s excerpt is something fun! I wanted to share with you the first few pages of my script for Last Man Zombie Standing.

Did you know that I’m a fan of Vincent Price? I feel the iconic actor really brought a lot to horror, and there’s a lot to be said for the beauty of black-and-white television. I wrote the script with a few easter eggs built in; writing it was a little challenging, in the sense that I had to communicate my vision not knowing the artist. I’ve never met Josie Pi Grant, but I think she did a brilliant job breathing life into the undead imagery I had in mind.

If you’re interested in this comic, you can pick up a copy of Last Man Zombie Standing on Or, you can pick up a copy of Unfashioned Creatures, A Frankenstein Anthology from Red Stylo Media’s website.

Here’s the first page straight from my script!

Last Man Zombie Standing


PANEL 1: The first image is a close-up of piles of newspapers lying on the edge of a lab table. The date is March 8, 1964. The headlines read: “U.S. Scientists Blamed For Outbreak.” “Millions Undead.” “Human Cloning A Disaster.” “Apocalypse Now!” Here, the title of the comic may be superimposed on the left hand side of the image in a gory, stylized font.

Silent Panel

In this image, we see we’re inside a science lab; the room is in total disarray. Piles of books and newspapers are stacked haphazardly on the floor. Tubes hang down from the ceiling. There are lab benches piled high with bottles of different shapes and colors. The light source is directed toward the right corner. The windows have been boarded up. There are mousetraps scattered across the floor, ashtrays filled with cigarette butts, and empty bags of airport peanuts. Mary Tyler Moore and other models adorn the walls; their pictures have been ripped out of magazines and taped up for decoration.

1 Dr. Powell (off screen from right): Dare I?

PANEL 3: We see DOCTOR POWELL leaning toward a coffin-shaped glass tube filled with an electric blue fluid. The tube sits at a 45 degree angle. Inside the propped tube, lies the body of Doctor Powell’s clone, 000138, but we can’t tell who the man is yet, just that he’s male. Doctor Powell is a tall, spindly man with high cheekbones, heavy brows, and a thin moustache. He is wearing a traditional white lab coat, shiny black shoes, and tweed pants. His clothes are worn and threadbare. A ballpoint pen hangs over his ear. His hair is graying at the temples and he looks malnourished. He still wears his beat up name tag and there is an old metal flashlight sticking out of his pocket. He also wears a broken watch. On his right hand, between the thumb and forefinger, is a series of digits: 000137.

2 Dr. Powell: Why, there’s no telling what the two of us could do. Build armies! Clone Eve! Find the cure!

PANEL 4: Here, see a close up of “Dr. Powell” in the tank and our suspicions are confirmed: this clone is Dr. Powell. He is not as malnourished as the scientist is, and he is clean-shaven, but the resemblance is clear.

3 Dr. Powell: Or should I say: “Just the one of us?” Yes… That’s right…

Captain Whinypants Will Eat Everything

Captain Whinypants

It’s been a rough past couple of weeks in the House of Teeny, Tiny Valen, so here’s one of my favorite pictures of Captain Whinypants. His new thing is to go after organic fertilizer? Yeah, I got nothing on that one. But, apparently Jobe’s Organic Fertilizer sticks are so tasty he ripped the box open. Managed to get it away from him, but still. UGH!

Right now, all I want to do is binge watch a bunch of Miyazaki movies and call it a day, but I’m so sick of being high on Ny-Quil the idea of sitting for hours at a time does not sound appealing. Sounds like an idea straight out of Heart and Brain comic by The Awkward Yeti, eh? Fortunately, I think I’m finally over this double whammy of a virus.


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Friendly Friday: Cats, Dogs, and the Imagination of Eddy Webb

Monarchies of Mau on Kickstarter

Eddy and I go way back to the days when he was working at White Wolf Publishing. I’ve worked with him on several projects over the years, and have been on panels with him as well. Last year was a milestone for Eddy, because he launched a new company called Pugsteady and kicked off a new post-apocalyptic fantasy game called Pugmire. In this futuristic Planet Of The Apes-meets-Dungeons and Dragons world, you play a dog trying to paw your way to a better tomorrow. Pretty cool, eh?

This week, Eddy launched a new game on Kickstarter in the same world starring cats! It’s called Monarchies of Mau and, if all goes well, I’ll be writing a story set in that world. If playing games is your jam, both Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau use a customized set of rules based on 5th edition. Both games are set in an ever-expanding world, and are family-friendly, too.

While I do have a vested interest in seeing Monarchies of Mau succeed, I decided to feature Eddy Webb today because I wanted to mark how significant this is for him. Unless you write comics or screenplays, many game designers and writers who work on media/tie-in settings aren’t always associated with the property. Here, Eddy utilized his past experiences, connections, and interactions with fans to successfully launch projects set in his own worlds, drawing upon his imagination. The Monarchies of Mau Kickstarter funded in 20 minutes! That, for writers such as myself, is a momentous occasion because it shows our potential beyond the normal, day-to-day work that we do. To me, that’s worthy of a big HUZZAH!

So, if you want an example of a writer who’s literally pawed his way to to dig up…er…build a healthy and growing business for himself, look to Eddy Webb for inspiration. He’s put the time in, and it shows. So happy for him!

For more about Eddy, visit his website at Pugsteady, or follow @eddyfate on Twitter and Pugsteady on Facebook.

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    Latest Artistic Project: Make Art Not War 2017 Challenge and Rules
    Latest Releases: In Volo’s Wake for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Unknown Armies Books 1-3, and Kobold Guide to Gamemastering.
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Extending My Social Media Sabbatical

booksofm logo

Wanted to drop a quick note that I’m extending my social media sabbatical through August 31, 2017. I may be online and checking in during conventions, and will post announcements and updates here as well.

I realize this sabbatical is far longer than I anticipated, and I miss touching base with many of you. Due to a number of unforeseen circumstances, I feel like I’ve fallen behind on my personal and professional goals. Experience has taught me that a tight focus is the best way to both enjoy my summer and accomplish what I need to.

I’ve taken long sabbaticals in the past, and they’ve often generated a ton of questions. I’ll do my best to answer them here:

Q: Are you available for interviews?
A: I am, and the best way to get a hold of me is via my contact page. My average response time will vary depending upon travel.

Q: Where can I find your books? Games?
A: You can visit Amazon Author Central,, Barnes and Noble, or to find some of the books and games I’ve contributed to. Or, you can visit your nearest bookstore or friendly local game store to find and request titles as well.

Q: Can I hire you?
A: Right now I am open to new opportunities; please don’t assume that I’m not interested because I’m not online. My availability tends to vary due to the nature of my work. The best thing to do is contact me, and I can see how new projects might fit into my schedule.

Q: Does this mean you’re not okay?
A: No, not at all! I realize that for some people being online is a way of life. Right now, I want to focus on my work and attend to some languishing personal projects. To do that, it’s best if I go underground and limit distractions. If you’re interested in the positive effect this can have on your psyche, check out the posts I wrote when I took 100 days off of social media. This sabbatical won’t be as strict as what I did back in 2011, but it definitely means I won’t be around much until the fall.

Q: What’s the best way to stay up-to-date?
A: My newsletter, which will be e-mailed to you every Thursday morning, will compile all the posts from the week for you. Plus, I’ve been adding special messages to subscribers every week as well. I’ve also started to focus on what I can do for my readers, which is on my massive to-do list! So, if you’re the least bit interested in me or my work, you’ll want to sign up for Monica Valentinelli’s newsletter. As I start crossing off items and launching projects, you’ll be the first to know!

Hope you have an amazing, sunny, and stress-free summer! On to mine for words, words, woooooorrrrrrddddddssssss!

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