Gencon 2011: DriveThruRPG Booth and Yours Truly

Hi everyone,

I have just confirmed I will be attending GenCon: Indy 2011. This year, I have been drafted volunteered to work the booth.

What’s that you say? But you thought DriveThru only offered e-books?

DriveThruRPGcom LogoThis year, DriveThruRPG is debuting the fruits of its print program at GenCon, working in tandem with White Wolf Publishing, who will have their own presence at the show. I’m not a hundred percent sure what the layout will look like; geometry was never my strong suit. I do know that yes, White Wolf will be there and yes, they’ll be selling books. Rumor has it there will be a print edition of the Vampire Translation Guide and an exclusive hardcover convention edition of the Exalted graphic novel. No word yet on the print edition of Paths of Storytelling, but I am crossing my fingers on that one.

In addition to DriveThru’s partnership with White Wolf, you can also buy/support games from a handful of awesome publishers. They are: Malhavoc Press, Necromancer Games, Nocturnal and Eden Studios.

Now, I know you may think I’m a little crazy, but it’s also my understanding that Ghosts of Albion and The Fear-Maker’s Promise for Changeling will be available IN PRINT at the DriveThru booth as well.

If you like to get your books signed, the one (the only) Monte Cook will be floating around along with several other freelancers, game designers, developers and persons extraordinaire.

Am I chained to the booth? Hah, hah. Is that even possible? Wait. Don’t answer that! I will be available for appointments and signings, but primarily I’ll be on the floor talking about why you should buy these publishers’ games. In all honesty, DriveThru is the reason why I’m able to come back to GenCon this year, so I’m going to do my best to work hard and have fun. If you want to get together with me at GenCon, feel free to either a) drop by the booth b) e-mail me ahead of time to set up an appointment or c) watch my blog for a space-y announcement.

That is all, game-lings.

Oh, before I go… If you have any questions about, their booth, White Wolf or anything I revealed in my post, please contact these companies directly. I’m merely trying to relay my role at GenCon this year. Once it gets a little closer to GenCon, I’m sure I’ll be able to reveal if there’s truth to the gossip.

Thank you!

Listen to My Interview with Darker Days Podcast

If you’ve been following my work, you probably recall White Wolf Publishing released Scenes of the Embrace earlier this month. Just recently, Mike Andryuk interviewed me for the sixteenth episode of his podcast called Darker Days.

One of the things we talked about, was how Scenes of the Embrace, which was geared toward Vampire: the Requiem, differed from the 2005 release of The Giovanni Chronicles I: The Last Supper for Vampire: the Masquerade. Admittedly, the question threw me for a loop because I wasn’t sure how the two related. In my product, we developed a toolkit for Storytellers where an Embrace may or may not occur. It’s not an adventure, but a collection of scenes. Last Supper was a very specific storyline which fit within Vampire: the Masquerade, a game more heavily focused on metaplot than Vampire: the Requiem.

Mind you, I thought his questions about Vampire: the Masquerade were interesting. From my perspective, the two game lines are very different. Not only do they have separate themes, but they’re also developed and managed in unique ways. After talking to Mike I can see how a fan might be interested in exploring both lines. I’m just happy to help promote the product, because I enjoyed writing about so many different types of embraces; the transformation from human to vampire is a very powerful moment indeed.

Mike also brought up Devil’s Night, which is a free download on One of the things I like about the new World of Darkness, is the ability to play a mortal character who doesn’t understand all the horrors around her. I thought it was really neat to hear Mike talk about the main character, Gabriella, the way I hoped players and fans would.

If you get the chance, you can listen to the episode via the embedded player below or by visiting this link. To discuss it, hop on over to the Darker Days Facebook page.


My Guest Appearance at Geek*Kon 2010

Geek*Kon Madison 2010Hi, just wanted to mention that I’ll be a guest at Geek*Kon in Madison, Wisconsin at the Marriott Inn West. Right now, I’m planning on attending during Saturday, September 4th and Sunday, September 5th, but that may change depending upon my professional obligations.

I will be on four panels, which I’ve listed below, and I will be milling about for the various events and whatnot. Come say hello!

    Saturday, September 4th

    12:00 pm to 1:00 pm — Game Publishing
    2:00 pm to 3:00 pm — Writing Panel
    4:30 pm to 5:30pm — World Building

    Sunday, September 5th

    1:00 pm to 2:00 pm — Being an Effective Reviewer/Critic

Be sure to drop by the Geek.Kon website to learn more about this Madison-based convention.

My Schedule at the GenCon 2010 Writer’s Symposium

The GenCon Writer’s Symposium offers aspiring writers, editors and game designers the ability to get in touch with professionals that hail from all corners of the publishing industry. Organized by Jean Rabe, this series of panels is designed to help aspiring professionals kickstart their career.

Here are the panels that I will be speaking on. The person moderating will have a star next to their name.

Thursday, August 5th

    3:00 p.m. Writing and Editing for Online Publications – Track A – Jennifer Brozek*, Monica Valentinelli – There’s a difference in on-line versus paper markets… how to write for them, how to submit, how to find the best publications and rates out there. Join our panelists for a look at the digital marketplace.
    4:00 p.m. Bring Out Your Dead – Track B – Richard Lee Byers*, Anton Strout, Wes Nicholson, Tim Waggoner, Monica Valentinelli – Vampires, ghosts, and zombies, oh my! Breathe life—so to speak—into your undead characters. Discover what rules apply and what should be ignored when writing about the undead.

Friday, August 5th

    1:00 p.m. Building Your Online Reputation – Track B – Monica Valentinelli*, Anton Strout, Kelly Swails – Your Online Reputation: When is it appropriate to work for free? How can you cater to the readers who visit your website? What do you need to watch out for so you don’t “spam” your fans with content? Our panelists tackle these topics and more, including how to promote your writing via the Internet.
    2:00 p.m. Pick My Brain – Track C – Monica Valentinelli – These types of sessions allow you to come visit with individual authors in a one-on-one pow-wow. If you’re stuck and my expertise can help you, this is the place to be.
    3:00 p.m. Women Writing Men – Track A – Elizabeth Vaughn*, Kerrie Hughes, Kelly Swails, Linda Baker, Monica Valentinelli – So you want to create a main character that doesn’t match your gender. You want the woman believable, and you want to avoid stereotypes and clichés. How do you get into such a character’s head? How can a guy “write” a convincing gal? Our panelists are adept at doing just that and are chomping at the proverbial bit to share their expertise.

Saturday, August 6th

    1:00 p.m. Pros and Cons of the Small and Large Press – Track B – Dylan Birtolo*, Donald Bingle, Monica Valentinelli – Small and Large Press: We’ve been published by major New York houses as well as small press companies and have had varying degrees of success with both. We’ll discuss the differences between writing for a large publisher versus a small one, and the advantages and disadvantages of both.
    2:00 p.m. Pay It Forward – Track A – Monica Valentinelli*, Kerrie Hughes, Marc Tassin, Tim Waggoner – Help other writers, and you’ll end up helping yourself. Topics we’ll tackle include mentoring, managing expectations of other writers, when it’s appropriate to pitch ideas to other professionals, the downside of too much shameless self-promotion, and building a writer’s community for support.

I hope that you will be able to join me and the other experienced professionals at GenCon. There are a lot of really interesting panels this year, and with the size of these panels I feel you’ll be able to benefit from the knowledge that everyone has to offer you.

My Guest Post at Apex: Are You a Believer or a Skeptic?

This month for Apex Book Company I posture the question “Are You a Believer or a Skeptic?” and provide some online resources for you to explore.

Here’s a quote from my article:

As a skeptic, I find myself unable to get into a science fiction story when it doesn’t offer me any explanation as to why things are happening. I also have a really hard time getting into stories that are poorly retrofitted into an existing setting, because I look at continuity as being an important part of a creator’s ability to suspend disbelief.

Be sure to check out the article and provide your two cents. Read Are You a Believer or a Skeptic? at Apex Book Company.

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