Give a Book This Halloween! I’ll Be Participating in All Hallows Read

All Hallows ReadMany of you know that I am an advocate for all things reading. As a writer, avid reader, and fan of TOO many authors to count any program that promotes literacy is awesome in my book.

This time, author extraordinaire Neil Gaiman posted an idea about giving a scary book to someone on Halloween. Dubbed All Hallows Read, terrify your fellow trick-or-treaters with a haunting tale.

In that spirit, I will have a post that will go live on Halloween reminding people about this event. I can offer you a list of titles I’ve written to pick from — including the new ghost hunting anthology dubbed HAUNTED: 11 Tales of Ghostly Horror — or you can get a gift certificate from It’s your choice! All you have to do is this:

1) Be one of the first to comment on my Halloween blog post and
2) Be willing to do the same for someone else.

You don’t have to buy a book or a gift certificate for someone like I am. It can be a library book or something out of your own collection, too. And yes, this is the honor system. My spies aren’t everywhere. Yet.

That’s it. Easy, eh? Together, I’m pretty sure we can scare the world. Let’s give this TERRORific cause our best shot.

Otherwise, I’ll continue to regale you with bad, bad puns and dry sarcasm.

Happy Haunting Reading!

Zombie Week at and Contest

Zombie WeekJust wanted to drop by and mention that is having another week of themed content. This time around, we’re all about braaaaaaaaiiiinnnnnnnsssss.

What’s New at Zombie Week?

Here’s a round-up of a few articles you might be interested in.

  • Lori Devoti: Contest and Her Thoughts on Romance and Zombies – This past year, Lori released Zombie Moon, which was published by Silhouette Nocturne. How do these unlikely elements go together? Read Lori’s thoughts and find out! If you enjoy reading paranormal romance, be sure to enter our contest for a free novel from this talented author, too.
  • Interview with Game Designer, Daniel Davis – Daniel worked on a series of games that I’ve also contributed to called All Flesh Must Be Eaten from Eden Studios. This interview, conducted by editor-in-chief Matt M McElroy, offers an in-depth look at some of the trials and tribulations Daniel experienced while writing and developing new material for this popular line.

Hope you get the chance to drop by and check out Zombie Week. Brains not required! Er…

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