My Interview with Dragon+ Magazine


Recently, I was interviewed for Dragon+ Magazine about Battle for the Undercity, along with Joshua Raynack and industry veteran Jon Leitheusser. Matt Chapman, the editor-in-chief for Dragon+, reached out to me after seeing that my work had been reviewed in a March 2016 Unearthed Arcana article by Mike Mearls and Chris Lindsay. This entire experience has not only been positive, it’s taken me completely by surprise, and I’m happy that folks are enjoying my work. I’ve received a lot of support and cheers for my efforts, and a lot of complements on my Battle for the Undercity 5e design post as well. This entire experience has been stellar, and it’s definitely encouraged me to do more work on D&D 5E as time allows.

Thanks to Mike, Chris, and Matt! I hope you’ll check out this month’s issue of Dragon+ Magazine, and it inspires you to grab your dice. After all, the entire point of being in the gaming industry is to create memorable (and fun) experiences for you. Roll thee well!

Reddit AMA Wrap-Up: Firefly, Alternate History, and Process

Wanted to pop in to say, first of all, a HUGE thanks to Steve Drew for reaching out to me. I had a blast answering questions for my Reddit AMA, and got the chance to offer some fun insight about my writing process, the Firefly RPG, and other passions of mine.

You can read the questions and my answers on this link: Happy Monday, Reddit! I’m Firefly RPG developer Monica Valentinelli.

The timing on this couldn’t be better! With GM’s Day starting tomorrow, has a ton of games–including the Firefly RPG at 30 percent off!

An Interview with my Comic Publisher

Dropping in a quick note to let you know Red Stylo Media interviewed me on their website about my comic. If you notice, I didn’t talk about specific influences for this comic. I didn’t tap into comics for the story nor did I look at Frankestein-related renditions, like the Dean Koontz rendition, I took a page from the film The Last Man on Earth. I wanted to write a period zombie piece that emitted the feel of that movie and approach some of the larger Frankenstein themes. I feel comics as a medium has so much to offer storytelling-wise; it was awesome to write this. Anyway, I felt I’d be cheap CHEEP! if I mentioned comic titles here, since the story was inspired by a movie, so I opted not to.

Eventually, I’ll follow up with a post about some of my favorite comics, but for now… The self-promotion train is a-chugging along for “Last Man Zombie Standing,” Unfashioned Creatures, A Frankenstein Anthology.

Q: If you could be any monster, who/what would you be?
A: Well, it’s quite possible I already am one. Last I checked, I could be a cylon? If it was any monster, I would say a shapeshifter. Because really, being able to transform shapes at will is extraordinarily useful with or without the “monster” attached.

Go on… Read the interview!

Arrrrr, Thar Be An Interview (And A Career)

Fire She-Ra Avatar

The folks over at Charisma Bonus interviewed me a few weeks ago, and in my haze of travel/vacation/writing/etc. I forgot to mention it. So let me rectify that right now, before I get back to my daily slog. Hop on over to The Ladies Table with Monica Valentinelli to read about my thoughts on horror, horror in gaming, and other fine inquiries.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the chance to right myself to center, to re-align my thoughts with my goals, and figure out what it is my original stories mean to me on the pragmatic side of the equation. And I have one word, really, to describe it: career. Applying that? Whether it’s in a part-time or full-time capacity? Means many things, since folding my original work back into what I do professionally is really just a logical progression on the stairway to heaven.

Or, to quote The Princess Bride: “Fool!” cried the hunchback. “You fell victim to one of the classic blunders. The most famous is ‘Never get involved in a land war in Asia,’ but only slightly less well known is this: ‘Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.'”

    Mood: Okay, I just need to out with it. I’m hungover.
    Caffeinated Beverages Consumed: There really isn’t enough.
    Work-Out Minutes Logged Yesterday: Groovin’ and shakin’
    In My Ears: Macalania Woods Final Fantasy X-2 Soundtrack
    Game Last Played: Dragon Age: Origins
    Movie Last Viewed: MirrorMask
    Latest Artistic Project: In progress!
    Latest Release: “Fangs and Formaldehyde” from the New Hero anthology through Stone Skin Press

New Interview and Reviews for Paths of Storytelling

Hi folks,

I’m over at today along with the developer of Paths of Storytelling, Eddy Webb, and my fellow authors Jess Hartley and Kelley Barnes. This three-question interview offers all of us the chance to talk about this project from our unique clan perspective. I hope you drop by and read Author Interview for Paths of Storytelling on, because Eddy reveals yet another easter egg. Shhh!

Here’s a quote from our group interview:

MONICA: I felt that matching the voice and the feel of the setting was crucial to the joke’s believability, which was part of the reason why I dropped in signature characters like Karsh, El Diablo Verde and a few other familiar faces. It was really fascinating for me to map out, because the goal was to introduce Vampire: the Masquerade to a fictitious reader, all the while knowing that the person most likely reading it would be someone who knew the setting. So in this path, the reader doesn’t just become a Gangrel, they get introduced to Vampire: the Masquerade. — SOURCE: Author Interview for Paths of Storytelling

After you read the interview, a reader recently shared a review of Paths of Storytelling on I thought the review was interesting, because the reviewer is correct: this format isn’t something White Wolf would publish professionally to represent World of Darkness, which is why it was billed as a rejected manuscript for April Fool’s. I was happy to hear he not only enjoyed it, but also recognized the amount of work we put into this.

Over at Gameolosophy, you can also read an in-depth review written by Raymond Frazee entitled RPG Game Review: Paths of Storytelling. His thoughts are really interesting to read because he talks about the theme from the perspective of a long-time fan and player of Vampire: the Masquerade.

For more information, read my announcement entitled: New Release! Vampire: the Masquerade Fiction.


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