Observations from Coordinating Speak Out

Yesterday, we surpassed 1,000 people on the Facebook event who have pledged to be positive about their geekery. So? Today’s post is my random list of observations from coordinating Speak Out with your Geek Out.

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+ Sometimes, the difference between getting annoyed and understanding what someone has posted is a matter of semantics and an utter lack of smiley faces.

+ More than a few people identify themselves as geek because they’re damn proud of it.

+ It’s quite possible people post and forget someone else is reading their words.

+ It is all too easy to be negative and it takes a lot of effort to keep sharing the happy.

+ Enthusiasm IS contagious.

+ One negative post or update can ruin someone else’s mood.

+ People want to understand what the word “geek” means because they want to feel included rather than excluded.

+ It’s all too easy to get hung up on the meaning of one word.

+ It’s not true that being mean is the only way to be heard on the internet.

+ Many people aren’t all positive or all negative, but rather shades of both.

+ Some people look for any way they can to be an advocate for their personal philosophy, religion or political background.

+ Community is a word that means something different to different people.

+ It’s hard to understand that some people struggle with being accepted for their hobbies when another has no problem with it.

And last but not least?

+ We’re a lot more alike than we think we are.

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Tumblr, New Logo and the Goal of 1,000

We are now averaging 100 bloggers a day for this event and there’s already talk of making it an annual occurrence.

Thanks to A.J. Freemont and everyone who voted, we now have a logo. I uploaded it here. You are ENCOURAGED to take this on your website or blog and post about the event that takes place from Monday, September 12th through Friday, September 16th.

<Speak Out with your Geek Out

This logo has been uploaded to the Speak Out with your Geek Out Facebook Event and a new Speak Out with your Geek Out Tumblr account.

Today’s post is about my “wish fulfillment.” I would love to see us hit 1,000 strong. Next week, I’m going to need your help to spread the word and help others get some blogging ideas down. So if ANY of you want to write posts for the Tumblr account or my blog for this, the door is open.

Can We Hit 1,000 Bloggers?

A long weekend is on the horizon for many people, which is why I wanted to give you some food for thought:

I want you to think of this number —> 1,000.

Here’s why:

When I think of the “geek” stereotype, I think of that awful scene in the lunchroom where a bully is pestering a kid about his love of comics, video games, books, dice, Cthulhu or whatever. I think of the name-calling and all the crap that kid has to go through just because she likes to dive into her math books.

And then I think of what it felt like to be in school. How we feel very much alone, even if that’s not the case, because others around us are afraid to speak up. Are fearful that they won’t be as cool, because life is easier if they sit at that lunch table over there.

I think of those kids, and I think of how many of us have made our own cool later on in life. I think of every kid that’s ever been bullied — regardless of shape, color, orientation, culture, religion — and I think of what we can do for them.

And then I think of Speak Out with your Geek Out, where we’ve been averaging 100 bloggers a day signing on.

I think of an army of happy, positive posts about what we love and what we’ll encourage others to share. Of the topics we’ll write to show that we are not a stereotype, that we are something that transcends being stuck in a bucket and forgotten about or bullied for someone else’s amusement.

I think of us standing behind those kids and showing them that there is nothing wrong with being who they are, because we have 1,000 people who may not be just like them, but who share something in common and who have made it through.

Are you with me?

If you are, then let’s make this happen. How can we make it to 1,000 bloggers?

a) 1 big name celebrity

b) 10 popular blogs

c) 100 people tagging 10 of their friends

d) 1,000 people to post their love, their passions during that week and share it with all of us

What do we have control over? Right now?!?!

c) and d)!


Have a great weekend!

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