4 Ways You Can Support my Work

Hello! I had some lovely players and readers reach out via Facebook last week asking how best to support my creator-owned and media/tie-in work. There are four ways you can help me out:

    1. You can leave a review. Reviews are a fantastic way for you to help other readers and players like yourself know whether or not a game or book I’ve worked on will resonate with them. Amazon reviews continue to be very important, but reviews on DriveThruRPG.com, DriveThruFiction.com, and places like GoodReads are also valuable.
    2. You can buy me a coffee. In lieu of an Etsy store or Patreon, you can buy me a cup of coffee on ko-fi.com. I am making plans to get my original work out there, but it will take a little bit before I am set to launch. My biggest concern is that I do not want to make promises to you that I can’t keep–so I’ve got to fold those efforts back into my business plan. (Business plans aren’t sexy, I know, but they help keep me focused and ensure I’m paying my bills.)
    3. You can support FlamesRising.com and FR Press.FlamesRising.com is a dark speculative horror zine, and it is a site I’ve written and edited for. FR Press is the small press publishing arm of the website, and I’ve published a few books and games through them that are available via the Flames Rising Shop. If you’re interested in what I’m doing, you can search for me by name.

This list of titles will continue to evolve as I put out more creator-owned stuff and get my fiction off the ground. I’ll keep you posted when new releases are available, so watch this space!

In terms of awards, I do appreciate it when I’m nominated–and they do help in my experience–but I regard them to be icing and not cake. If you feel like nominating me, awesome! Here’s my list of 2016 publications. If you don’t, totally get it and no worries. There are plenty of amazing books, games, comics, movies, etc. out there that are worthy of your time and energy. That’s the beauty of being an artist: there’s always another book, game, comic, song, etc. to make, appreciate, and love!

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    Latest Artistic Project: Make Art Not War 2017 Challenge and Rules
    Latest Releases: In Volo’s Wake for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Read my end-of-the-year list of releases for an overview of what I’ve put out for 2016.
    Current State of Projects: Read my latest project update. New project update coming this month!

GalleyCat, Vampires, and Yours Truly

Vampire Avatar

What does one of the most popular blogs about writing/publishing have in common with Varney the Vampire? Well, pull up a chair and listen closely, for you, too, can feel the scare, the absence of breath, and sharp fangs sinking deep into your neck.

GalleyCat has hosted a contest of indeterminable size — hundreds of writers, including myself, are re-writing sections of Varney the Vampire in a variety of flavors. My particular taste of choice happens to be inspired by a stellar vampire flick: Shadow of the Vampire.

Each entrant was assigned a chapter. Now, many of you know how I feel about wasted words — and my entire section was about the decision (or not) to pick up weapons and where to meet next.

So, I had a little fun. Hee. What better way to highlight the sordid decision and the absurdity of (the equivalent of) half-an-hour’s worth of conversation than to drag Hollywood, kicking and screaming, into the mix?

Ah, yes. I am evil, but I’m not the only one! GalleyCat is doing the entrants proud, by publishing each section on both their blog, which is available here, and their Tumblr account. (The book will also be available in its entirety later on. More to come on the new tome.)

Grand fun! And so far, the entries have thrilled me with their creativity in both form AND function. regardless of who wins or loses, and I got to write about a vampire who closely mirrors that which I know in my heart to be true – a blood-sucking fiend, a predator who can easily mimic its mortal counterparts for his/her own nefarious desires. But to what end?

Well, read my section and find out! There are two ways to do that, visit GalleyCat on Tumblr or be sure to keep up-to-date on the GalleyCat blog.

P.S. — I’ll likely blog about this later, but FlamesRising.com is hosting a NaNoWriMo contest. Comment there to win!

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    Latest Artistic Project: In progress!
    Latest Release: “Fangs and Formaldehyde” from the New Hero anthology through Stone Skin Press

Zombie Week at FlamesRising.com and Contest

Zombie WeekJust wanted to drop by and mention that FlamesRising.com is having another week of themed content. This time around, we’re all about braaaaaaaaiiiinnnnnnnsssss.

What’s New at Zombie Week?

Here’s a round-up of a few articles you might be interested in.

  • Lori Devoti: Contest and Her Thoughts on Romance and Zombies – This past year, Lori released Zombie Moon, which was published by Silhouette Nocturne. How do these unlikely elements go together? Read Lori’s thoughts and find out! If you enjoy reading paranormal romance, be sure to enter our contest for a free novel from this talented author, too.
  • Interview with Game Designer, Daniel Davis – Daniel worked on a series of games that I’ve also contributed to called All Flesh Must Be Eaten from Eden Studios. This interview, conducted by editor-in-chief Matt M McElroy, offers an in-depth look at some of the trials and tribulations Daniel experienced while writing and developing new material for this popular line.

Hope you get the chance to drop by FlamesRising.com and check out Zombie Week. Brains not required! Er…

Win a Copy of Cthulhu 101 at FlamesRising.com

Hi everyone,

As you know, one of the roles I have is Project Manager at the horror and dark fantasy webzine FlamesRising.com. This week we have launched a theme week to honor H.P. Lovecraft, whose birthday is on Friday. Lovecraft is considered to be one of the most influential horror authors on the genre from the twentieth century. In addition to the Cthulhu-related articles and reviews, Atomic Overmind Press is offering a contest for anyone interested in winning a copy of CTHULHU 101, which was a book written by Lovecraft expert Kenneth Hite.

Here’s a quote from our announcement:

We are pleased to announce that Atomic Overmind Press is a proud sponsor of Cthulhu Week. Artist Drew Pocza and Atomic Overmind lent us their graphic design talents for the week and we’re thrilled to worship this elder god through these great images.

In honor of Lovecraft’s birthday, Atomic Overmind Press is also giving away several copies of the award-winning book CTHULHU 101 through our site. This pocket-sized book is the perfect introduction to Cthulhu and we think will make a fun addition to your digital or physical library. –SOURCE: Cthulhu Week at FlamesRising.com

To win a copy of CTHULHU 101, visit the announcement for Cthulhu Week at FlamesRising.com and leave a comment.

If you’re remotely curious about Cthulhu or H.P. Lovecraft, or want to get someone else hooked on the mythos, this book is a perfect introduction. Ia, Ia!

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