Support a Science Fiction Anthology for Bulldogs!

Just wanted to make sure that all of you are aware that Galileo Games has a Kickstarter for the first anthology based on the Bulldogs! RPG. This is a momentous occasion! On the heels of the Redwing’s Gambit debut, Brennan Taylor has gathered together several fine authors to pen spacetastic tales for this fun setting.

The Kickstarter for Have Blaster, Will Travel will end on Sunday, April 29th.

I hope you will consider supporting science fiction (and many authors) that kick ass!

The Renegade Writer

A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Success

Written by two freelancers who broke the rules to win the game, this handbook contains a wealth of information for writers who are frustrated by the seemingly limited ways to operate in the freelance market. It explains that freelancers can negotiate for more money and better terms without risking their careers, shows that editors are not the writer-gobbling monsters many freelancers fear, and explains how to establish and foster work relationships.

In this updated second edition there are more ideas, more rules to break, and more resources to get started, including a suite of appendixes covering topics such as contract procedures, getting paid, services for freelancers, generating ideas, and doing research. As inspiration, the book includes examples of real writers who have gone against “expert” advice and flourished. Being shy doesn’t pay, and following the rules puts a writer in a long line of other sheep; with this text as a guide, writers can step out of the herd and build a successful business in a crowded market.

Available at

Freelance Writing Tip #6: Read Other Authors Carefully

One of the best ways to hone your own writing is to read other authors you admire. If you know that you need to improve your pacing, read short fiction anthologies like the Book of Final Flesh or Voices from the Web 2006. Dialogue? Read screenplays like Gladiator Screenplay, plays like A Streetcar Named Desire or comic books like Marvel’s Civil War. If you’re interested in technical writing or business writing, read free annual reports for companies listed on Nasdaq, computer program instructions from Microsoft or Open Office, or even appliance booklets. By analyzing other writer’s works, you can infuse your writing with great techniques and stretch your writing muscles.

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