My 2020 List of Publications

Hiya readers!

This year has been chaotic at the best of times and a slow burn at the worst. I’ve spent much of this year in quarantine applying for gigs, restructuring behind-the-scenes, volunteering, taking online classes, and teaching game writing when I can.


“Feasting on Twilight after Dark”, for DEATH IS NOT THE END, a Geist 2nd Edition anthology, 2020, Onyx Path Publishing/Paradox Interactive

“Scritch, Scratch”, for HAUNTING SHADOWS, a Wraith the Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition anthology, 2020, Onyx Path Publishing/Paradox Interactive

Both of these stories are supposed to be coming out soon-ish. I received word that they were back on the schedule, but there have been delays due to the pandemic.

“Mythica D’Argent: Treatise Pertaining to the Mysterious of Silver”, THE DAGON COLLECTION, PS Publishing

“From an Honest Sister, to a Neglected Daughter”, SISTERHOOD: DARK TALES AND SECRET MYSTERIES, Chaosium Publishing


For games, I had three interactive fiction pieces published this year in addition to my regular RPG work–two of which were for a middle grade readership!

The Case of the Multiplying Bunnies, 2020, Wonder Stories app

The Case of the Popped Balloons, 2020, Wonder Stories app

Underwater Memories (with music), 2020, Sub-Q Magazine

DARK ERAS 2, Chronicles of Darkness, 2020, Onyx Path Publishing/Paradox Interactive (Lead Developer)

CONTAGION CHRONICLE, Chronicles of Darkness, 2020, Onyx Path Publishing/Paradox Interactive

This year is also bittersweet. After many years, I’m winding down my work with Onyx Path Publishing and am looking forward to the next chapter and new opportunities for my career.

Essays and Nonfiction

WisCon Chronicles: Boundaries & Bridges (Essayist)

2014 in Review!

I had one of those moments a few weeks back, the kind where you’re forced to stop and wonder what you’ve been up to for the past several months. We were driving through the redwoods, and we stopped at the base of a very large tree. I suppose that’s an understatement, given the fact that they are, indeed, “the” redwoods, but to actually be there… To listen to nothing–no birds, no frogs, no crickets–nothing… The only bit that’s left when there’s total silence is either that or the thoughts swirling around in my head. Usually it’s the latter, which often turns into some musical refrain. Sadly.

Anyway, the big question that popped into my head was: “Have I done enough?” Did I accomplish my goals for 2015? This year, I’m happy to say, yes. Yes, I did. I wound up doing more than I initially anticipated, and managed to achieve said goals on top of major life upheaval (moving) and family medical emergencies.

This may not sound all that exciting to you, but the fact that I was able to go through over a million+ words and put a nail in 2014’s project management plans despite Real World Concerns is a huge deal for me!

In 2014, these were the games and supplements that were released:

I’m very grateful to see all of this work make the light of day. Many, if not all, of these releases are eligible for industry awards as well. Hope you count some of these among your favorites!

A huge “thank you” to my collaborators and business partners, my writers, editors, and artists, and to my fans and readers for your support. It’s been a great year, and I’m really looking forward to 2015!!!

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