Freaky Friday: Jeff Bridges the Mystery of the Burger King King

Fridays. The day we usually wind down from our busy work weeks and enjoy the weekend. It’s also the day that I usually need a creative jolt, to get in the mood for good times with friends and family and (of course) fun with words!

Boing Boing is always good for a laugh. If you’re curious about urban legends, I highly recommend Snopes, and of course the Unexplained Mysteries of the Paranormal site is great fodder for writing, because truth is stranger than fiction. Really.

King Jeff Bridges Then there’s the stuff your friends come up with. Andrew Shell is a huge fan of The Burger King. Occasionally, he’ll even break out the mask here at work which, as you can imagine, is quite disturbing/funny in an open office environment. He’s convinced that the Jeff Bridges is The Burger King, and I’m inclined to agree.

In my world The Burger King isn’t a character in a marketing campaign, he’s real, and he’s Jeff Bridges. — Andrew Shell

Go Jeff!

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