[Guest Post] On Why Marketing Plans Fail

While I was at GenCon, I published an article over at the How To Write Shop that addresses why marketing tactics and plans fail.

Over the past, few years I’ve talked to a lot of authors experimenting with marketing using tools like: blogs, newsletters, social media, direct mailers and bookmarks, convention appearances, etc. When something doesn’t work? They abandon it. Sadly, some of the tools they’re leaving behind have real, tangible value. Newsletters, for example, take a long time to build but have a potential financial reward that can be directly correlated to its design and content. — SOURCE: The Number One Reason Why Marketing Tactics Fail

This article is tightly focused and was written with authors and game designers in mind. I know many, many people who do their own marketing, so I hope you’ll check it out.

[New Release] Instant Antagonists: The Creepy Cottontail

I have a strange relationship with Lovecraft, because even though he’s all about “your mind can’t handle the horrible truth” I often obsess over think of all the things that could go wrong. What if the cultists were preventing Cthulhu from rising? What happens if the Necronomicon is read backward?

Or, as in this latest case of what-ifness… What happens if a particular Outer God screws up royally?

The latest addition to FR Press’s line of Instant Antagonists was born after I penned a particular sordid tale called “The Curse of the Yellow Rabbit.” I give you? The Creepy Cottontail. Incorporating reviews and feedback from the debut character in the series, you’ll find expanded content and plenty of systemless ways to infuse this horrible hare into your modern horror game.

Introducing a New Instant Antagonist

The Creepy Cottontail


INSTANT ANTAGONISTS are systemless creatures or beings designed for use in existing modern supernatural/horror games. Many will be supernatural in nature; some will be (at least nominally) human. While one antagonist may be truly evil, others are simply selfish, immoral or may even be victims themselves.

Looking for a new twist on an old legend or trope? This product is a perfect addition to a GM’s modern horror game collection. The INSTANT ANTAGONISTS line offers details on each monster’s origins, powers and plenty of story hooks to include them in your campaign or evening’s session.

The Creepy Cottontail

At first glance, Queenie looks like any other cottontail — but is he? Come a little closer and see for yourself why this nefarious hare has cultists (and non-cultists alike) running around in circles.

Is an Outer God really trapped inside the body of a fluffy bunny rabbit? Will he enslave the minds of pet store owners everywhere? Or will The Creepy Cottontail entice a small town’s population to turn on each other in a bloody fight to the finish?

The Creepy Cottontail is one creature you can’t fall asleep to forget…

Click here to check out The Creepy Cottontail on RPGNow.com

Written by Monica Valentinelli. Edited by Matt M McElroy.

[Announcement] Dork Tower Central and Invisible Me

Dork Tower 15 Year AnniversaryFriday, I popped in at Dork Tower to shed my proverbial cloak of invisibility with this blog post.

Occasionally, you’re going to get some updates from people that aren’t John – LIKE ME, MONICA! – about what he’s up to or his work, because I’ve locked him in his studio he’s busy drawing at his table. So, without further adieu, I shed my cloak of invisibility to drop some hints about what’s coming up. — SOURCE: And Now, A Note from Monica at DorkTower.com

I started working with John behind-the-scenes a few hours a week and wanted to share this with you because you may see the occasional fan girl squee update here. While I’m not at liberty to talk about the details of what I’m doing, I can tell you that I couldn’t be happier the direction my life is taking.

Well, time to put back on my cloak of invisibility. What’s this rabbit hole doing here? Now you see me? Now you – AHHHHHHHHHH!

Announcing Girl Geek Week and a New Column!

Girl Geek Week at mlvwrites.comGrab your fluffy pink dice and break out your nail polish — I am celebrating all things girl geek this week on my blog. Maybe — just maybe — there’ll even be a contest in it for you.


Well, two reasons: one of which is for shameful shameless self-promotion. I have a new column debuting in July on the Geeks Dream Girl website where I’ll be talking about freelancing for the hobby games industry. Jennifer Brozek was the previous columnist and was kind enough to recommend me, you can read her final installment dubbed Dice and Deadlines: Know When to Turn Down a Job. I’m deliriously happy to write for the site and am laughing a little bit. When Geeks Dream Girl first started, several industry folk pinged me about it and I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity. Now?

Heh, heh. Let’s just say a ten-sided die hit me smack dab in the middle of my forehead and my creativity exploded. Since Jennifer had already covered all the professional bases, I’m going to drag readers along on a quest. More to come on that.

The second reason why I’m celebrating girl geek week on my blog, is because of one, very simple… very important thing…

No woman should ever be afraid to admit they play games, read comic books, watch anime, dress up in costumes or know how to spell Cthulhu.

Ever. Don’t care if you’re on the creator side or the fan side, if you love what you love — then love it out loud. This week, that’s exactly what I’m doing and I sincerely hope you’ll follow my lead.

Wonder twins power… ACTIVATE! Form of… A TUBE OF LIPSTICK.

My Blog is Now Available on the Kindle

Subscribe to mlvwrites on the Amazon KindleAnd now for a public service announcement.

If you enjoy reading my trials and tribulations and appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that has gone into this blog over the years, then you may want to consider taking advantage of a new service. Now, you can read my posts from the comfort of your own e-reader, the Amazon Kindle.

Included with your subscription is a fourteen day free trial. And yes, the listing is under my name as opposed to mlvwrites.com. And yes, my name is quite long, a subscription in and of itself.

I hope you’ll consider adding me to your queue. I may even wind up emulating the letter “E” in my posts…

Educate, Enlighten, Entertain…

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