A Few Announcements, Sales, and Appurtenances

Friends, Romans, countryfolk… Okay, maybe this isn’t a stuffy or inspiring speech per say, but whenever I put on my PR hat it certainly feels that way! I have… WOW! Loads of announcements for you today, so bear with me.

Firstly, I’m going to be insufferable for a second. READY?!?!?

/begin self-promotion
Firefly Dictionary_CVR front new copy The Firefly: The Gorramn Shiniest Language Guide and Dictionary in the ‘Verse releases on Tuesday, April 12th!

Plus, ICV2 reviewed the Firefly dictionary, so you can get a feel for what’s inside. Happy to answer your burning questions about my analysis and how this book came together. My editor was great!

/end self-promotion

On to the announcements!

  • Hosting Blog Interviews – I am going to get back into the habit of hosting three-to-five question interviews with other creators here on my blog. I definitely want to support other writers, artists, game designers, etc. but it’s hard to do that since my momentum is a bit upside down at the moment. What I want to do, however, is get away from the “Whaddya workin’ on?” questions and focus more on the people side of the equation, because if anything it shows how every writer is different. More on this in a few weeks or so.
  • Dinner and Dice: a Gaming Cookbook is in Print!Dinner and Dice: a Gaming Cookbook is a collection of recipes and first person game anecdotes from game industry professionals. Originally produced as a stretch goal for the Carolina Game Tables Kickstarter, you will find appetizers, entrees, and desserts from the people who make the games you love! I hope you enjoy this cookbook, and give it a honest review.
  • Upside Down Kickstarter – Wow, wow, wow! So, we were just shy of reaching our last stretch goal, but we were backed by 1,399 stellar individuals. Now that the Kickstarter is over, we’re focusing on finishing up the collection and working on the logistics of fulfillment. I’m happy that Apex is turning out to be a great partner, and I’m going to continue being a part of this to ensure they get the help they need. After all, that’s a LOT of backers to deliver to!
  • Meet Your Cortex Plus Action Developer – Margaret Weis Productions announced an upcoming Kickstarter for two Cortex Plus corebooks. I am developing the Cortex Plus Action corebook. Huzzah!
  • SALE! 40% Spring Cleaning Sale on the Firefly RPG line – Itchin’ to get your hands on a copy of the Firefly RPG corebook in hardcover? MWP is having a BIG sale this weekend on the entire line; you can check out the sale on the MWP website. Choose from the corebook and supplements like Things Don’t Go Smooth.
  • Unknown Armies WHAT? – The Unknown Armies 3rd Edition Kickstarter launched today, and I’m happy to mention I’m one of the writers who contributed to these three books. Greg Stolze and Cam Banks co-developed the… I hope you enjoy this new edition of Unknown Armies!

Outside of these announcements, I’m sorry I haven’t updated my project statuses yet. The overall momentum is moving in the right direction, but that also means balls are up and down and sideways and rolling backwards and pitched forward. I DO love my job, and I’m hoping one day I’ll get to the point where PR isn’t such a chore, but for now I’ve lit a fire under my butt and it’s all systems go, go, GO!

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