Zombie Week at FlamesRising.com and Contest

Zombie WeekJust wanted to drop by and mention that FlamesRising.com is having another week of themed content. This time around, we’re all about braaaaaaaaiiiinnnnnnnsssss.

What’s New at Zombie Week?

Here’s a round-up of a few articles you might be interested in.

  • Lori Devoti: Contest and Her Thoughts on Romance and Zombies – This past year, Lori released Zombie Moon, which was published by Silhouette Nocturne. How do these unlikely elements go together? Read Lori’s thoughts and find out! If you enjoy reading paranormal romance, be sure to enter our contest for a free novel from this talented author, too.
  • Interview with Game Designer, Daniel Davis – Daniel worked on a series of games that I’ve also contributed to called All Flesh Must Be Eaten from Eden Studios. This interview, conducted by editor-in-chief Matt M McElroy, offers an in-depth look at some of the trials and tribulations Daniel experienced while writing and developing new material for this popular line.

Hope you get the chance to drop by FlamesRising.com and check out Zombie Week. Brains not required! Er…

Like the Dark? Meet me for a Dream Date in Indy and get Swag

I’m making a list and checking it twice — no, it’s not Christmas in July. As I mentioned before, we’re getting ready for GenCon Indy. Part of our packing efforts is to design two horrific packages for people who love the things that go bump in the night. One is a horror-themed silent auction package that includes everything you need for a dark and dreary evening; the other is a dream date.

Dream Date Auction – Flames Rising

Come to the ENnie awards at Gen Con and don’t sit with the plebes! Get a seat in the reserved seating for nominated publishers and hang out with the crew from Flames Rising.

This auction is for a “dream date” with Matt M McElroy and Monica Valentinelli for the 2008 ENnie Awards, Friday August 15th. Join them as they find out if FlamesRising.com wins an ENnie!

Also included in this auction is a Flames Rising t-shirt, coffee mug and poster. We also have a signed copy of the Tales of the Seven Dogs Society fiction collection from Abstract Nova, a horror music CD from Nox Arcana and a few other dark surprises…

This auction is for a sit-down event being held at Gen Con in Indianapolis on the night of Friday, August 15th. The prize must be claimed in person at Gen Con by coming to the ENnies booth in the dealer hall at Gen Con on Thursday or Friday during the dealer hall hours. If for any reason the winner of this auction cannot attend, they may choose to have a person substitute for them. If no approved substitute is sent, the dream date may be re-auctioned or re-sold at Gen Con.

Bid on the Dream Date Auction

If you’re more interested in something a little lighter or more magical, don’t forget to bid on your favorite publisher’s dream date. I hear that the White Wolf dream date is truly–a dream. Last year, we sat with the guys from Evil Hat Productions and their dream date; we all had a lot of fun!

MLV Writes Movie Reviews

Monica has written tons of reviews and other material for FlamesRising.com over the last few years. As a fan of Horror & Dark Fantasy, her reviews are a welcome contribution to the website and fun to read.

Some of her movie reviews include:

The Fountain (Fantasy)
Blood & Iron (Hellboy)
Better Off Undead (Zombies)
Doctor Strange (Magic/Comics)
Serenity (Sci-Fi/Firefly)
Advent Children (Final Fantasy)
Sin City (Noir/Comics)

Stay tuned for other highlights of Monica’s contributions to FlamesRising.com, including fiction, photos and more reviews.

MLV Writes Game Reviews

As a contributor to FlamesRising.com Monica has had the chance to explore many worlds of Horror & Dark Fantasy in a variety of games. You can see from her Publications Page here on MLVWrites that she has also had the chance to write for a few of them.

Some of the games she has written reviews of are:

Vampire: Dark Influences from White Wolf Studios
Dead of Night from Steampower Publishing
Gloom from Atlas Games
Cold Hard World from Atomic Sock Monkey Press
Dracula’s Revenge from Human Head Studios
a|state from Contested Ground Studios
Prouty Island from Flying Mice LLC
Zombies!!! from Twilight Creations Inc.
Blood & Brains from RPGObjects
Unbidden from Precis Intermedia Games

MLV Writes Book Reviews (Fiction)

Monica has been a contributor to FlamesRising.com for several years. She has written a variety of news articles, essays, convention reports, licensed fiction and plenty of reviews.

Some highlights of her fiction reviews are:

Small Favor by Jim Butcher
Ironside by Holly Black
Season of the Witch by Natasha Motert
Name on the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
Shadowplay by Tad Williams
Prince of Lies by James Lowder
Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman
A Hunger Like Fire by Greg Stolze
Chaos Bleeds by Christopher Golden
Waking up Screaming by H.P. Lovecraft

Stay tuned for more of Monica’s reviews of Horror and Dark Fantasy products on FlamesRising.com. She has also written reviews of movies, games, music and more.

Monica Valentinelli >

Looking for Monica’s books and games that are still in print? Visit Monica Valentinelli on Amazon’s Author Central or a bookstore near you.


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