Daily Bites of Flesh Now Available

Daily Bites of Flesh: 365 Days of Horrifying Flash FictionJust wanted to drop in and mention that DAILY BITES OF FLESH: 365 DAYS OF HORRIFYING FLASH FICTION is now available! My story entitled The Saint, The Pickpocket and the Manticore is the entry for July 15th.

Here’s a little bit more about the anthology:

DAILY BITES OF FLESH 2011: 365 DAYS OF HORRIFYING FLASH FICTION is a 2011 flash fiction calendar anthology, with a 500 word or less horror short story featured for every day of the calendar year. Filled with 365 short stories, this is a fun and practical anthology designed for busy readers of the horror genre.

The book is 552 pages long and features dozens of authors. Each of us wrote a story with a flesh-eating creature as part of the theme. Besides being available online, you’ll also be able to pick it up in several bookstores as well.

Hope you enjoy it!

My Free Halloween Story at FlamesRising.com

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to pop in and mention I have a free flash fiction piece up at FlamesRising.com today for Halloween. Entitled A Different Kind of Treat it’s a Halloween take on an old fairy tale.

Here’s a preview of the story:

Blood-red shafts of sunlight filter through a dirty cabin window, kissing a row of colorful glass bottles. One by one the bottles shine with anticipation as they reveal their grisly contents. Three eyes spin in a green flask; a pair of wings beats urgently in another.

“What’s that, Momma?” A child’s finger points to a jar of wrinkled entrails sitting high on a kitchen shelf. The boy, who stands about three feet tall, is covered in dust and flour. His skin is marred with muddy blisters.

“Oh nothing special, Alwin,” Belinda replies airily as she pulls a frilly apron over her head. “Just something I cook with now and again. You hungry?”

“Want candy.” Alwin rubs his bloated stomach. “Chocolate, ’specially.”

She flashes him a crooked grin and picks a small book off the burnished wood counter. Has it really been a year since she last used her recipe book? Lately, it seems like all of her time has been devoted to nursing Alwin. No matter what she gives him — cinnamon, tincture of licorice or willow bark roots — nothing seems to help him get any better.

To finish reading the story, go to my free Halloween flash fiction at FlamesRising.com.

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday!

“Prey” a Horror Fiction Podcast

I’m happy to report that a flash fiction piece I had written, entitled “Prey” will be published on http://pseudopod.org/ tomorrow. This piece was really fun to write; it is a Lovecraftian-horror scene written from the mind of a bird of prey. I had submitted it to Pseudopod months ago, after winning an Honorable Mention through a Neil Gaiman Mirrormask Competition hosted through http://www.futurefire.net.

It will be really cool to hear someone speak the piece, this will be the first time that my work will be acted out in a podcast.

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