Thank You for Kickstarting My Work

Just wanted to give a shout-out to my readers today and say “Thank you!” Today marks the third Kickstarter I’ve been involved with for short stories and they have all been successful. With just over twenty days to go the Stone Skin Press – anthologies of new fiction Kickstarter is already funded. If you haven’t checked out this multiple anthology Kickstarter, drop on by. There’s a *ton* of amazing authors included in these books with me!

Thanks again. I really appreciate the support!

Working With The Primary “Laws” of Editing

The New HeroWhen I was approached to work on New Hero by Robin Laws, I panicked. Not because of “who” Robin was, but because of my admiration for all that he has done and his attitude toward the Work. An impressive author and game designer in his own right, I was certain his tastes would steer more towards perfection. As an author, I pictured a very high bar and expectations to boot. This wasn’t just about writing “a” short story; this was about writing “the” short story to fit a lofty goal — to develop a new iconic hero for an anthology that included stellar writers.

I’ll be honest with you. My first draft reflected my anxiety and Robin caught onto that right away in his comments to me. It wasn’t until I tossed out those sticky emotions that I started having fun. Everything that he said to me I already knew, but I needed those friendly reminders about technique spelled out in a way that made it easier for me to focus.

My second draft was indeterminable from the first because of Robin. He was patient with me and after that initial pat on the head (and a compliment about my vampires) I was merciless with my first draft. He recognized that effort, too, and I found the exchange to be very motivating.

To me, that’s the sign of a good editor. It’s not just about telling a great story — it’s about the care and feeding of the writer behind it, too. I only hope I can do Robin and the folks at Stone Skin Press proud as I move forward with my fiction career.

If you’re remotely interested in my stories or discerning Robin’s editorial touch for yourself, I invite you to back the Stone Skin Press Anthologies of New Fiction Kickstarter.

Thank You! Now Tell Me How The World Ends.

Good morning! Well, much to my surprise I will now pen a second story for a Kickstarter stretch goal! I just handed in the first draft of the loosely-titled “Fang’s Revenge” for the Have Blaster, Will Travel anthology. Now, I get to write ANOTHER disaster story and Kickstarter backers get to shape the plot for this one, too! The Our Last Best Hope – An RPG To Save The World Kickstarter was a smashing success!

Tell Me How To End The World for “We Are Dust” Survey

Or, you can fill out the survey here in my blog. Can’t wait to read your responses! Please fill out the survey by Sunday, June 24th so I can start writing.

Pledge for a Kickstarter Disaster Anthology and More Blowy Uppy Stuff

Greetings and salutations fans of explosions, plagues, floods, fires, and alien invasions!

Yes, that’s right. I am talking to you, oh fans of Michael Bay, who love disaster stories of every shape imaginable. Lean in for a super special announcement!

Our Last Best Hope Kickstarter

I am pleased to announce that I’ve committed (or been committed) to penning yet another blowy uppy story for the Our Last Best Hope – An RPG to Save The World Kickstarter. The anthology is titled “We Are Dust.”

To get another blowy uppy story in an anthology with several fine and respectable authors we need to hit the last stretch goal. Now, we have a few days to make this happen and the stretch goal is a little stretch-y. $10,000. So, instead of telling me what to blow up this time? YOU GET TO PICK THE DISASTER.

That’s right, cats and kittens. We make this goal by Sunday, June 17th and you tell me how to destroy the world. Then, I will pen a short story for your reading pleasure. I kind of like this plan!

Update on Have Blaster, Will Travel

Time for an update on the Have Blaster, Will Travel Bulldogs! Anthology on Kickstarter. My story is almost done, but I’m working out a few pesky plot kinks. See, Fang decided to um… He plotted to… Um… Well, there’s a lot of bang bang shoot ’em up and I got hung up in the consequences. You know, police and bounty hunters and people weeping and all that business. Oh, and ammo depletion. Did I mention the running out of munitions part? Like… A lot?

I know, I know. You’re thinking: “Plot? Who needs a plot? If Michael Bay can string a bunch of explosions together and call it a movie, certainly you could do that for a story, right?”

To which I respond by saying: “Michael Bay may be in my head, dear Reader, but I’m pretty sure Transformers without the Transformers are just giant robots kicking the crap out of each other.”

And with that, I must away to the Annex (or apex) of my glorious abode to meander through a to-do list and the Day JobTM before I allow Fang to take over.

Who’s Fang you say? Silly Reader. What, you mean you don’t read every story I write?!?!?!?! SHOCKING. :p

Here are some links just for you:

And here’s some links about the story Fang first appeared in.

Watch the Lovecraft eZine for a New Story from Me!

Ia! Ia!

Greetings fellow cultists! It gives me great pleasure to announce that I will have a very dark short story titled “The Dig” in an upcoming issue of the Lovecraft eZine.

The Lovecraft eZine is a monthly magazine for aficionados of fiction and other content with a Lovecraftian flair. Think Cthulhu! Dagon! The Necronomicon! Star vampires! But also. . .themes that were inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s stories.

I have a soft spot for “The Dig” because its evolution is dark and dire, indeed. In many ways, I had to dig through revisions, continually adding more text and revising it’s tragic end once, twice, and three times to finally get it into a state I was happy about. It was rejected in a previous state, but luckily I had a fantastic editor who was so, so kind enough to provide comments. He was right. Hence, the incarnation submitted here.

And you’ll get to read it. For free. Sometime this year. But I can’t tell you when. . .yet. Muwahahahahaha.

Please, do not be afraid. Go check out the other stories and illustrations in the Lovecraft eZine today!

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