Girl Geek Week: Top 20 Signs You Might Be a Prima Geek-a

Girl Geek Week ContestHave you ever wondered whether or not you’re a geek? Well, question thyself no further! Today’s post will talk about the top twenty signs you might just be a prima geeka. (Or primo geeko for ye of thee male persuasion.)

Don’t forget! To enter the Freaking Fabulous Contest all you have to do is write about your geek passion! So if there’s something on this list that you’re saying: “Oh, yeah… That’s me…” Well, share your geek love with the world.

Top 20 Signs You’re a Geek

    20. You know how to pronounce Nyarlathotep properly. (And will enthusiastically correct anyone who doesn’t.)

    19. Not only are your dice color-coordinated, you have a set of special dice you break out “just” on important occasions.

    18. You know how to put together a steampunk costume that doesn’t involve a corset and a dragon over-the-shoulder.

    17. You can’t discuss the new Doctor Who without mentioning which of the old Doctor Whos was your favorite.

    16. There’s only one definition of role-playing game and it involves a pencil and a character sheet.

    15. You can’t stand Avatar (or movie of your choice) because the writers got the science wrong.

    14. You’re extremely vocal about how you hate seeing vampires fall in love with humans because you secretly wish you were one.

    13. You think Lovecraft should be taken seriously and go into fits whenever you see a cute likeness of Cthulhu. (But don’t mind owning My Little Cthulhu.)

    12. You have more bookshelves than wall space.

    11. Your answer to “Who is the first Green Lantern?” is not Hal Jordan.

    10. You own a copy of the Street Fighter RPG by White Wolf.

    9. You wrote a very angry e-mail to Michael Bay after watching the new Transformers.

    8. You haven’t seen the Star Trek re-boot because to you? It doesn’t exist.

    7. You’re pissed off about Wonder Woman’s costume change because you still have a crush on Linda Carter.

    6. You can name the differences between a red dragon and a black dragon, what the range of their “weapon” is and how much damage it does.

    5. You can point out how Blade the movie (not the comic) ripped off Vampire: the Masquerade.

    4. You own a limited edition [of your choice] for its monetary value.

    3. You only watch anime in its original Japanese with English subtitles because it’s not as good otherwise.

    2. You’ve written (or read) Final Fantasy fan fic.

    1. You know who’d win the “astronauts versus cave men” fight.

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