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    WONDERBOOK (Revised and Expanded): The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction by Jeff VanderMeer, 2018, Harry N. Abrams (Contributor)

Collected Essays & Sample Articles

Over the course of several years, Monica has also written hundreds of articles on subjects ranging from world building in fiction to marketing for a variety of publishers and businesses. A partial bibliography is provided below.

    Evaluating Narrative Arcs in Games, Parts 1 & 2, SFWA Bulletin, 2018-2019
    “This Is Not Another Why Representation Is Important Essay”, Hath No Fury, 2018, Ragnarok Publishing
    Make Art Not War Challenge: Rules, Essays, and 31 Creative Prompts, 2017, (Self)
    “We Have Always Been Here, Motherfucker”, 2016, Uncanny Magazine
    DINNER AND DICE, “The Seven Levels of a Role-Playing Group” and Fruits of the Forest Recipe, 2015, Carolina Gaming Tables
    FOR EXPOSURE: The Life and Times of a Small Press Publisher, “The Case of the Mysterious Splatter,” 2015, Apex Book Company
    UNFRAMED: The Art of Improvisation for Game Masters, “Building Worlds by the Seat of your Pants,” 2014, Engine Publishing
    CORTEX PLUS HACKER’S GUIDE, “Roleplay Like You’re On TV,” 2013, Margaret Weis Productions
    THE BONES, “Make a Wish,” June 2010, Atomic Overmind Press

Sample Blog Posts & Guest Columns

    MIND MELD: Our Favorite Genre TV Shows of 2014, December 2014,
    Marketing, Sales, and Publicity. Part Two: Topics in Publicity, April 2013,
    Marketing, Sales, and Publicity–Part One: The Basics, March 2013,
    Guest Post: Having a Saleable Novel Doesn’t Make You a Sell-out, November 2011,
    Message to New Writers: It’s Okay to Focus on Your Craft, June 2011,
    Guest Post: Why Writers Suck at Marketing, March 2011,
    Guest Post: Your Business Model Is Not Your Neighbor’s, January 2011,
    Social Media and Your (Lack of) Privacy,
    An Overview of Writing for Print vs. the Web, April 2010,
    Authors! 8 Tips For Your Website’s Usability and Design, September 2009,
    The Pros and Cons of Having Your Own Website, August 2009,
    Get Personal with your Marketing Efforts, July 2009,
    30 Days of Vampires: Can Vampires Still Love?, December 2011,
    Introductory E-Mail Doesn’t Have to LOL, December 2011,
    Investigating a Decent Price for e-Books, December 2011,
    Dystopia and Cybernetic Birds in “Tailfeather” for Apexology, September 2011,
    Inside the New Instant Antagonist: The Creepy Cottontail, July 2011,
    Authors, Don’t Make This Marketing Mistake, May 2011, How To Write Shop
    Hunting Down the Value of Social Media, May 2011,
    Beyond Survival: Living in a Zombie-Filled World, March 2011,
    Holiday Blogging Tips for your Business, December 2010,
    Inside Online Book Reviews: Do They Matter?, October 2009, NINC Newsletter
    Dig Deeper to Find a Heroic Heart, June 2011, Rogue Blades Entertainment
    Robotech: Behind the Legendary Series, November 2010,
    Cthulhu In Your Game, August 2010, Innsmouth Free Press
    Love, Blood and Fangs: Bram Stoker’s Dracula, October 2009, Sony/

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