The New Hero

The New Hero

Stone Skin Press proudly announces the table of contents for The New Hero, a short fiction anthology.

Table of Contents

  • “Ezekiel Saw the Wheel” Julia Bond Ellingboe
  • “Better Off Not Knowing” Jeff Tidball
  • “Warrior of the Sunrise” Maurice Broaddus
  • “The Midnight Knight” Ed Greenwood
  • “The Thirty-Ninth Labor of Reb Palache” Richard Dansky
  • “On Her Majesty’s Deep Space Service” Jonny Nexus
  • “Cursebreaker: The Jikininki and the Japanese Jurist” Kyla Ward
  • “Against the Air Pirates” Graeme Davis
  • “Fangs and Formaldehyde” Monica Valentinelli
  • “Bad Beat for Aaron Burr” Kenneth Hite
  • “Charcuterie” Chuck Wendig
  • “Sundown in Sorrow’s Hollow” Monte Cook
  • “A Man of Vice” Peter Freeman
  • “The Captain” Adam Marek
  • This genre-spanning collection unleashes writers from diverse writing scenes to tackle the timeless structure of the iconic hero story. Release date TBA.

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    Monica Valentinelli is an author, artist, and narrative designer who writes about magic, mystery, and mayhem. Her portfolio includes stories, games, comics, essays, and pop culture books.

    In addition to her own worlds, she has worked on a number of different properties including Vampire: the Masquerade, Shadowrun, Hunter: the Vigil, Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn, and Robert E. Howard’s Conan.

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