The Plants That Never Were And May One Day Be

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Today, I tell you a sad, short tale of living things destroyed by creatures furry and cute. To say that it’s difficult for us to have plants is an understatement. Plagued by spring fever and seeds that have yet to be planted, I vow to try again. This is an impossible task, for we live with two plant destroyers. Don’t be fooled by the innocuous appearance of this pair.


They have decimated every type of plant imaginable, from cacti to lettuce, and have made it difficult to have greenery around the house. BUT NO LONGER! We shall not submit to the cuteness of Zakar, so named after a Mesopotamian god of dreams, who can open doors and likes to complain loudly.


NOR, shall we bow to the demands of this particularly mischievous dastardly foe. Rimmon, the god of storms, lives up to his reputation daily.


So, to get around said terrifying beasts of fuzziness — terrariums and plant confinement. We shall overcome! Let us hope this works. And, if it does, then pictures aplenty for there shall be greenery!


Pots and Light

P.S. Those white spots you see in the soil are fertilizer. Not cat litter. That container happens to be empty, because cat litter plus planty, greeny, growy things is a full on yuck. I just figured that the hydroponic garden is so bright the seeds may benefit. We shall see, for my thumbs are as black as my soul.

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