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This has been on my mind, so you get a second post today. So, recently I’ve been concerned about my brand in the sense that a) I am not a diva b) I really do have a “hostess” personality and c) I have different concerns now than I did a few years ago.

I’ve been in eCommerce a long, long time and I can tell you that, as time passes, brands evolve. The shoulda/woulda/couldas are always going to be easier to point out when you look at something in hindsight or from a more critical viewpoint. This is even more true on the internet where you can watch someone go from unknown fanfic writer to literary star.

Now, the differences of course are varied because, as I’ve mentioned before, just because people follow you on Facebook or Twitter doesn’t mean they read your stories or novels. (I’ve since made it a point to read all the authors I follow because I felt guilty when I wasn’t doing that. Still ashamed to admit I’ve a ways to go to get caught up.) Controlling how someone emotionally connects with you is ridiculously challenging — this is why there are publicists out there who concentrate on helping those that are in that highly-visible/celebrity-type situation.

Most of us are NOT celebrities. Most of us? Can’t afford a publicist, personal trainer, stylist, blah, blah, blah. Quite a few of us either a) fly by the seat of our pants or b) deal with the time/knowledge we have to do our best — but it’s not going to be perfect. People who are a household name have limitations, too, in that they can’t screw up as much like the rest of us. Or, at least, not without having some side effect via trolls or what have you.

I worry about that sometimes, but I also believe it’s a non-issue because it’s not something that can be controlled — branding has to be managed and right now it does not make financial sense for me to spend all my time on publicity. I have to create content. Not to mention? I’m not just online for freelancing or writing, I’m also a person. And the more people online? Well, the more people there are. Not brands.

Which is why I feel branding freak-outs are really best left to marketers — myself included when I get to that point in my own career. Sure, I can be a partner with whomever ends up being my agent/publicist/etc., but I’d gladly welcome the opportunity to collaborate. Beats having to do everything yourself — especially when I’ve got so many stories to tell. Hee.

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