Gaming Industry Myths from Andrew Peregrine

My friend Andrew Peregrine from Cubicle 7 wrote a rant about what working in the gaming industry is really like, and I feel it’s definitely worth your time to read it.

The truth is, the same can be true of any creative industry. Fans (I include myself in this category even though I’m also a professional.) feel emotionally invested in what they love and claim to know. There isn’t anything wrong about this mentality persay, but it can get pretty frustrating when negative accusations or outrageous claims start flying around.

“I’ve been a gamer for 20 years so I know the business”
I’m sorry to tell you this but I’m afraid that’s bull. The first thing I learnt (after 20 years of gaming) when I started writing was that I knew nothing about the industry. That’s right, nothing, nada, zip. Having got your fighter to 20th level teaches you nothing about publishing, deadlines, distribution and commissioning. — Andrew Peregrine on LiveJournal

Anyway, give My Top 5 Myths About The Gaming Industry a read when you have the chance.

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