A Gamer’s Non-Violent Lament

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So, I find it odd that our U.S. legislators would want to put a warning label on “E for Everyone” games that clearly states: WARNING: Exposure to violent video games has been linked to aggressive behavior.

Let me show you a picture.

Huh. So Super Mario Brothers will lead to aggressive behavior. Which means that my brother and I, who played Super Mario Brothers growing up must be violent thugs who wound up in prison. And not, say… happy and healthy adults with no criminal record to speak of? Okay, wait. I have chucked my controller across the room during a boss battle once or twice. You got me.

But wait… aren’t there other pastimes that are technically more violent than playing an E for Everyone video game? Like full contact sports? Maybe we should put a warning label on football or wrestling or soccer or hunting or martial arts… Oh, that’s different because those things are real and smashing mushrooms is fantasy. I get it now.

I believe the stupidity speaks for itself. Once again, we have legislation crafted by non-gamers to appease other non-gamers who don’t understand why we play, create, and enjoy games. Why video games have become the Ouija board-pariahs of entertainment I’ll never know. Sometimes, I think these parents should sit down and experience the evil video games for themselves instead of diving back into Puritanism. Eesh.

Thankfully, the ECA is on the case!

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