Pragmatic Dos and Don’ts for Writers

Cthulhu Scribe by Drew Pocza

One of the things that is *very* confusing for new writers is how to peel off another author’s persona or (as I like to call it) marketing bling. There is the author, there is their work, and then there is the face they show to the world. That character or aspect is specifically engineered to get attention in a very competitive market and many writers utilize advice for newbies to do just that. Others attack or criticize one another to get that visibility. Regardless of your thoughts? That’s them, you’re you, and this is me. There isn’t one approach that’s better (or worse) than any other. My philosophy is simply “to each his own.”

Strip away the persona and you have working authors and aspiring writers. It’s no secret there are more people who want to write professionally than who actually sit down, stick their butt in a chair, and spend the time. This is *not* an easy field to navigate. If you are looking for a ruler or some common sense to pull you back into the work and the business of writing, then I highly recommend you check out Authors’ Checklist of Dos and Don’ts by Lucienne Diver. The article was originally published in the SFWA Bulletin which is published by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

It does NOT matter what size publisher you’re dealing with. The process may be different when you work with a small press versus a large one but we all want a quality story for readers to enjoy. These dos and don’ts will help you figure out your own set of commandments so if you do decide to focus on building a persona? You’ll have a strong foundation based on business practices to start from.

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