A “Few” Announcements

Hi everyone,

I have a few announcements to share with you today!

1) It has just been announced that I’m the new Marketing Director for Steve Jackson Games. You can read the announcement on the Steve Jackson Games website. Coupled with the work I’m doing with John Kovalic, I now have a sane “day job” schedule that allows me to pursue my storytelling and game design goals. I’m very grateful for the opportunity and wish Paul Chapman, the former Marketing Director, best wishes on his new pursuit.

2) The Queen of Crows is being laid out in full color and black-and-white for print in a 6 x 9 format. The layout is being done by Brian Glass, the same artist who worked on Exalted. I have decided to go with the original cover, which gives a more Native American-feel, than the alternate one. This was a conscious choice on my part; I’ve gotten some feedback that many people who downloaded the PDF with the original cover wanted a print version.

3) A new Munchkin card game has been revealed! Munchkin Apocalypse!! Drawn by John Kovalic and published by Steve Jackson Games. I feel like the luckiest geek in the world, just because I got to see the cover art from start to finish. I love learning about the artistic process, because it’s different for every artist. I’ve always been drawn to quality line art, simply because something that *looks* easy to draw really isn’t.

4) New website on the horizon! One of the things I’ve been working on (or should I say, my programmer has been working on) is tweaking a new theme to better reflect my fiction and games. I talked about this in a recent article entitled What Impression Does Your Website Give? at the How To Write Shop. While I will blog about my day job a little bit, the website design will be focused on my books and games. This new layout will give me more flexibility and freedom to blog on my own time; it will also be very clear what my new releases are for readers to check out.

5) Redwing’s Gambit, a science-fiction novella for Bulldogs!, is done! Yay! Brennan just commissioned the cover art, so (I’m assuming) when that’s done you’ll be hearing more about the publication date. He’s also working on character designs, too, so you can drop Marrl, Cass Leary, Talus, Oogle and any of the other characters into your game. I’m really happy with how this turned out and Brennan was *great* to work with. With such a large cast and several alien races in the setting, I opted for a investigative-style plot with splashes of action, to help you get to know the characters.

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