FAQ for Speak Out with your Geek Out

Q: So, what are you considering a geek?

A: The minute we define what a geek is someone, somewhere will be excluded. The goal of this event is to fight labels and stereotypes that others would use to describe us. So far, people have spoken up that they feel like a geek because they’re devoted to math, science, their children, comics, games and a myriad of other topics. This event is designed to share our passions in a positive way with the community, to give voice to those of us who are normally afraid to simply love what we love and be who we are.

Q: I post about this already. What makes Speak Out with your Geek Out any different?

A: WONDERFUL. Unfortunately, many people out there are afraid of being stereotyped or their love of their hobby/vocation takes on the form of geek cred, edition wars or nerd rage. This week is about happiness, positivity and openness. It’s about inviting those who are shy to step forward and encouraging those who can’t “grok” us to share in what we do. It’s about telling people who have been bullied for their interests that there is nothing wrong with being a geek. It’s about setting aside our differences and focusing on the positive. It’s about doing this for those who can’t and being a part of the geek community.

Q: Is this in response to a specific event?

A: While it was inspired by the latest internet gaffe, there is always another one just around the corner. This week goes beyond that, it’s to think “big picture” as opposed to min/maxing the hell out of the next faux pas. It’s to say that it’s not cool to use geeks to bait us, because we’ll just make our own brand of cool.

Q: How can I participate? I live in a foreign country.

A: The event is virtual, so if you have a blog or website, if you have a social media account, if you’re online? Post away.

Q: Wait, you said you wanted to hit a 1,000 bloggers. How can I be counted?

A: I’m going to make this as EASY as I possibly can. If you want to be “counted” toward that number, then visit this Tumblr or the Facebook event or my website or the official Speak Out with your Geek Out website during that week and add your link to the initial post in the comments below. It will be VERY clear where you can do that. It will also be helpful if you can use the Twitter hashtag #speakgeek and snatch the logo.

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