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Just wanted to pop in and offer a quick note today about my design notes for my short story entitled Tomorrow’s Precious Lambs, which is featured in The Zombie Feed, Volume 1. In the essay, I talked about how my blog exchange with Maurice Broaddus led to my memory of reading a book by James Baldwin, which inspired my main character’s backstory.

Here’s a quote:

In our blog exchange, one of the things Maurice asked me about was whether or not I’d be uncomfortable writing any particular areas of religion and spirituality. I talked about how I didn’t have any interest in sharing my personal views, but exploring that for a character was fair game. One book that has stuck with me through the years is entitled “Go Tell It on the Mountain” by James Baldwin; the powerful moments in it transformed the main character. Needless to say, I was inspired. –SOURCE: Beyond Survival: Living in a Zombie-Filled World

Confused? Well, you’ll have to read the essay to find out more. While I do cover a serious topic, I also spice it up some with a few dry humor references that’ll either make you groan or laugh out loud.

To read about “Tomorrow’s Precious Zombies”, hop on over to The Zombie Feed and peruse the rest of Beyond Survival: Living in a Zombie-Filled World.

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