Leafy Links for Mon, Dec 13: Writing, Blogging and Publishing

Thought I’d pop in and offer you some reading material. This is a mix of links about query letters, publishing, blogging and writing. A virtual link salad filled with leafy goodness to feed your head.

  • Why You Can’t Make Money Blogging from Copyblogger.com – I stumbled upon this late yesterday, and I absolutely have to put this one at the top of the list. The message of the article really resonates with my own observations about being online. To quote the article: “If you don’t offer customers something they dearly want, whether it’s to gain some great pleasure or escape some great pain, you’re not going to make any money.” Amen.
  • Seth Godin’s Domino Project – Hot off the heels from the PR frenzy that this marketing guru left his publisher, Amazon.com is now backing a new publishing venture. Why am I watching this? For two reasons: one, Godin is a brilliant marketer and strategist. Two, I’m more interested to see how other people will react and whether or not someone will apply this to fiction. To be clear: The Domino Project will be run by a small press comprised of hand-picked people specifically for non-fiction.
  • 10 Tips for Writing Flash Fiction from Bethestory.com – Flash fiction is extremely popular right now. Writer’s Digest featured a ton of markets you can sell your flash fiction story earlier this year. More and more—this format is turning into a great way to offer a free sample of your own writing. These 10 tips are a great wrap-up for helping you shore up this fun format. I love writing flash!
  • How to Write a Query Letter from Writer Beware – Victoria Strauss is one of my virtual heroines. If you haven’t checked out Writer Beware, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. In this post, she gives a step-by-step process for writing a query letter
  • Top 10 Query Mistakes from Rachelle Gardner – This article is written from a literary agent’s perspective and gives you the skinny on what mistakes to avoid. Be sure to check out the comments, too, for more information.
  • Write and Wrong from Ari Marmell on Suvudu.com – I’ve known Ari for a while via the gaming industry. He’s a really personable guy who has managed to expand his publications to include his original work. In his article this week on Suvudu.com, he talks about why you should be cautious when reading books giving advice on writing. If you’re interested in learning more about Ari’s work, be sure to check out his preview of THE CONQUEROR’S SHADOW on FlamesRising.com.
  • Daily Blog Tips – There’s quite a few sites and personalities out there that talk about blogging, but I was impressed with this one because of articles like How to Build Your Credibility as an Expert While Blogging and 30 Traffic Generating Tips, which was written by several, different contributors. And, they have a whole category devoted to “Strategy.” A site after my own heart!
  • Writing Conferences for January to March 2011 from the How To Write Shop – I don’t know about you, but I hate having to hunt down news about writing conferences, conventions and events. This is a list compiled by my friend Lori Devoti covering writing conferences that are going on around the U.S.
  • Galley Cat on Mediabistro.com – You may already read publishing news from Publisher’s Weekly; keep up-to-date with Galley Cat and I guarantee you’ll be well-versed in industry news. I’ve backed off from reading industry news unless it comes sprawling in my lap, just because I want to pay attention to what’s relevant to what I’m pitching or doing now. News about bankruptcies, the changing market, etc. can really get depressing, but I’m a long ways away from being affected by the flux.

  • Hope you enjoy your link salad!

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