Calling all Geeks: Post about Your Hobbies September 12th to the 16th

It seems like there’s an internet gaffe every so often where geeks are the butt of all jokes. This time, the article was written on a site where the author gets paid-per-click. Do I understand that garnering negative press increases page views? Sure, but the writer’s initial point — that we stereotype and make judgments as humans — was completely lost.

But alas, enticing so-called “nerd rage” inspires me to do something else. It reminds me of all the fun I have, of the fact that properties like Magic: the Gathering and World of Warcraft are incredibly financially successful and a huge part of the overall community, of the friends I’ve made and the hobbies I’ve shared. It makes me want to play Vampire: the Requiem in public or have a Doctor Who marathon. It forces me to put as much awesome as I possibly can in my next game-related assignment or story to make it that much more fun for readers and players alike.

And it encourages me to reach out to others who are passionate about “an” interest, to listen to their experiences, too. There is no one I’d rather reach out to right now than the demographic that bucks the stereotype, my fellow female geeks. (Edit: Based on feedback, this call is all-inclusive.)

Here’s what I propose:


Sometime during the week of Monday, September 12th to Friday, September 16th post about what geeky hobby you love. Then, tell us why we should try it, too. Leave your fears (and edition wars) at the door. Forget about your latest rant. Tap into that well of positive energy and share in the excitement of all things geek.

Let us invite those who would stereotype us to sit at our table and share our interests.

Thoughts? Complaints? Observations?

Sadly, I lack the graphic design skills necessary to come up with a small icon or logo, but I wish there was a way to “light up” the internet with this and truly see how far the rabbit hole goes. There is so much negativity online, that I’d love to see one entire happy week of the shiny, meeting new friends, and really tapping into that well of positivity and exuberance I know is out there. Sure, I’d love to solve something like world peace or get something for charity going, but we have to start somewhere… Right? 🙂

I leave it to you, my fellow coordinators and commenters… What say you?

UPDATE: Thanks, Angeli, for coming up with the tagline. 🙂

UPDATE: While the concept about a girl geek week was enticing to many people, several commenters have said we should take the idea of being positive and throw caution to the wind. So if you’re a geek, speak out!

UPDATE: The Facebook event is public and live! When we get a logo, I’ll update the event with that picture.

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