Food, Etymology, and Shakespeare

I just picked up Shakespeare’s Kitchen: Renaissance Recipes for the Contemporary Cook and I couldn’t be happier. Not only does this provide recipes, which are based off of original instructions from the time period, there’s a touch of history included with each and every section, dish prepared, and anecdote.

My only critical comment is that I wanted to see more pictures of the finished recipes, but other than that I’m very pleased with this cookbook. It makes me giddy that I can read stories about life in the past while making traditional dishes prepared at a time when there were no ovens, refrigerators, or fancy tools. Imagine the luxurious art in this era! Royal banquets included the fabrication of fantastical “meat” beasts, edible portraits, and a whole lot more.

This, coupled with my love of etymology AND Shakespeare… Well, I’d rather like collecting historic cookbooks. I have a Roman-era and WWII cookbook already…

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Recommend Me Redux (Or Things That Aren’t Books)

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post where I inquire for your profferings of book recommendations extraordinaire, today I am asking for things other than books that have been on my mind. Mind you, this is an amalgamation of the bizarre and the eclectic, as I am wont to explore within the reaches of my sordid mind.

I start with the recipes I’m searching for, and it goes downhill from there. Also, I use the word “favorite” a lot. I make no apologies for the overuse of a word necessary to prompt you into recommending all, or one, or none of the things on this list. Nor do I make any inferences that you absolutely must share things that bring you joy from the deepest, darkest regions of your soul. Hey, I’m not the only one that has a heart seeped in shadow. That I know to be true.

* The “best” pie recipe of the fruit or chocolate variety
* A stunning bolognese recipe
* An amazing coffee drink that you feel should be shared year-round
* Your favorite Halloween tradition
* Best, absolute, must-listen to British band in the manner of The Doves, Muse, or Elbow
* Favorite female non-emo musician or artist
* Cross-stitch patterns for Final Fantasy, cats, and the phrase “self-rescuing princess.”
* Favorite meal-worthy vegetarian recipe
* A blog for a writer whose books you read. NO CHEATING!
* Someone you’ve worked with on a creative project that you’d kill to work with again
* Favorite Cthulhu-related item that is not a book
* An artist who sells prints of She-Hulk that aren’t boob-tastic
* Knee-high combat boots that don’t look like they were built for ‘tweens or Hot Topic goths. (Yes, I said it. Shocking, I know.)
* Favorite acrylic paint
* Favorite miniature painter (link to pics, puh-lease?)
* A craft-related blog that isn’t flowers and nature scenes
* Star Wars cross-stitch or some form of embroidery/beadwork that isn’t geared for kids
* Gothic/Victorian-era Halloween decorations of the raven, skull, or spider variety
* ANYTHING SKULLS (Only not real ones. That would just be silly, incriminating, and potentially icky.)
* Favorite cookie recipe. Dammitall! DAMODAR! I am hungry!
* The time-waster you feel guilty about but have no regrets over
* How do you podcast? Record music?
* The ugliest, most frightening sweater you have ever seen
* A picture that makes you laugh
* Best con experience evah!

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