Family Games: the 100 Best is an Origins Nominee

Hi everyone, I am excited to share with you that FAMILY GAMES: THE 100 BEST is up for an industry award. If you read my previous post where I listed the essay list for FAMILY GAMES: the 100 BEST, you might recall that I wrote about GLOOM, which is one of my favorite card games.

Since writing the essay, I managed to pick up a few expansions and indoctrinate cajole encourage new fans to play this fun game. I’ve also learned that this particular tome is a favorite of librarians everywhere. (Note: librarians are awesome!)

What are the Origins Awards?

The Origins Awards are presented annually by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design to recognize outstanding achievement in design and production of games and game related products.

The nominees were voted on by hobby game retailers at the GAMA Trade Show in March 2011 from a short list in each category determined by a jury of hobby game professionals and knowledgeable enthusiasts. The winner of each category will be determined by the votes of attendees at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus OH, June 22nd-26th. — SOURCE: The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design Announces 37th Annual Origins Awards Nominees

At Origins this year, convention attendees will vote for their favorite games and, in this case, books related to gaming. To have made it this far, in the category of Best Game-Related Publication, is pretty darn awesome. Edited by James Lowder, the book is a fine collection and a great way to revisit or learn about classic family games we’ve all enjoyed. There’s some tough competition this year, so who will win is anyone’s guess.

For more information, please read: The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design Announces 37th Annual Origins Awards Nominees.

Good luck to all of the nominees! Happy gaming!

Like Zombies? Short Stories? Contest for New Anthology!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that The Zombie Feed is running a contest to celebrate the release of The Zombie Feed, Volume 1. You may recall I posted the Table of Contents and the ability for you to pre-order a signed copy; well, now’s your chance to win a free book to add to your library.

Contest ends on Thursday, March 10th and it’s really easy to enter. Just visit the link below and ask a question for your chance to win!

Ask a Question, Win The Zombie Feed Volume 1

Do Good Deeds. Submit a Story for Australia


Just wanted to pop in today to mention that due to the massive flooding in Australia an editor has put together a charity anthology. To read more about what happened in Australia, check out my post on the Apex Book Company blog.

The fantasy and science fiction community has been affected by this flood. A charity anthology with one hundred stories is being put together as we speak by native Aussie Jodi Cleghorn to benefit Queensland. Apex Book Company has published stories by other authors living in Australia; we have not been able to confirm whether or not they’re in the middle of this, but our hearts go out to them anyway. Many of you may have recently traveled to Australia for conventions and may have met an author or editor affected by the flood, too. — SOURCE: Australia Flood Relief: Reaching Out to Friends Across the Sea

The details for this charity anthology have been posted in a press release. You can read that on

100 Stories for Queensland is headed by Brisbane resident and co-owner of eMergent Publishing, Jodi Cleghorn, and UK author, Trevor Belshaw. The management team is made up of Maureen Vincent-Northam, David W Robinson and Nick Daws who all worked on the Haiti and Pakistan anthologies with McQueen. They are assisted by a growing band of 20 volunteer readers and editors from across the globe. McQueen is working behind the scenes, organising the audio book and podcasts in conjunction with UK author and podcaster Em Newman. — SOURCE: 100 Stories for Queensland: Writers across the world rally for flood victims

The deadline for submissions is January 31st. While they are asking for uplifting stories, the length is only 500 words. I hope you’ll consider donating your stories to this fundraiser.

Zombie Week at and Contest

Zombie WeekJust wanted to drop by and mention that is having another week of themed content. This time around, we’re all about braaaaaaaaiiiinnnnnnnsssss.

What’s New at Zombie Week?

Here’s a round-up of a few articles you might be interested in.

  • Lori Devoti: Contest and Her Thoughts on Romance and Zombies – This past year, Lori released Zombie Moon, which was published by Silhouette Nocturne. How do these unlikely elements go together? Read Lori’s thoughts and find out! If you enjoy reading paranormal romance, be sure to enter our contest for a free novel from this talented author, too.
  • Interview with Game Designer, Daniel Davis – Daniel worked on a series of games that I’ve also contributed to called All Flesh Must Be Eaten from Eden Studios. This interview, conducted by editor-in-chief Matt M McElroy, offers an in-depth look at some of the trials and tribulations Daniel experienced while writing and developing new material for this popular line.

Hope you get the chance to drop by and check out Zombie Week. Brains not required! Er…

[Contest Update] Do Good Things. Fight Lupus!

Kitten Unicorn Pegasus Kitten of DoooooooooomA few months ago, I mentioned that I had written a fan fiction story for the unicorn pegasus kitten beast of doooooooooom. (Or whatever you want to call it.) While I did not win the contest, two other fine authors did. Now you can download the collection of short stories for free and make a donation to fight Lupus.

Wil Wheaton, John Scalzi and Subterranean Press are proud to announce the publication of Clash of the Geeks, a special and fantastical electronic chapbook featuring stories by Wheaton, Scalzi, New York Times bestseller Patrick Rothfuss, Norton Award winner and Hugo Best Novel nominee Catherynne M. Valente, Hugo and Nebula Award nominee Rachel Swirsky and others, for the benefit of the Michigan/Indiana affiliate of the Lupus Alliance of America. –SOURCE: CLASH OF THE GEEKS Chapbook

I’d like to extend a hearty round of congratulations to the winners of the Wil Wheaton/John Scalzi fanfic contest. WHOO-HOO!

So what are you waiting for! Do a GOOD thing. Laugh out loud. Feed your head and help fight Lupus!

Download the CLASH OF THE GEEKS Chapbook and donate, too!

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