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Was watching the best of X-Factor the other day, and two of the female contestants quipped about their age. Both Sam Bailey (Aged 35) and Rachel Potter (Aged 29) commented on their age and how it might be a problem. Both have AMAZING voices.

Here’s Sam singing “Listen” by Beyonce. [Link]

And here’s Rachel Potter singing a country cover of “Somebody to Love” by Queen. [Link]

To me, having anxiety about one’s age is just another excuse to sit down, shut up, and not do whatever it is you want to do. I totally get that physical appearance is a big deal for women in particular, not just because of the way the industry works. It’s everywhere. Reflected in advertising, on several videos (e.g. the comments revealed how obsessed some were with these ladies’ looks **instead of** their voices), social pressures, family nagging, etc. etc. etc. Sad, sad, sad. Do we REALLY need another excuse to not reach for the stars? That’s a big, fat “NO!” from me!!! Doesn’t matter if it’s singing or running or what have you. If you want to belt it, belt it. Run a marathon, run it. Write a novel, write the darn thing! SHEESH. One life. That’s what you got. That’s it.

Age is only a limitation if you let it be. SERIOUSLY. So tired of hearing: “I’m too old, to…” Swap that around for a second. First, it’s “I’m too young, to…” Then you’re auto-magically “too old” because you’re out of the 18 to 25 range? No life is measured by a eight-year span. That’s just marketing saying youth is awesome so you buy more to feel young. But your life ain’t over if you hit 26. Yeesh. If that were true, then we’re pretty much all zombies just waiting to be shot.

Besides, you know who becomes successful? Achieves their dreams? People who are persistent regardless of age. That’s who. Sans marketing. Sans society’s opinions. Just plain old one foot in front of the other, no matter how long it takes. Keep doing that, and eventually a door will open.

P.S. Totally in love with Nicole Scherzinger after watching her on this show.
P.P.S. Sam Bailey won.
P.P.P.S. I may have turned my espresso into regular coffee on accident this morning.

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