There is only one Soundwave, thank you.


The story behind this particular acquisition is a sordid and wistful tale of nerd rage. Yes, even I succumb to those WTF moments on occasion. In this particular case, it is the devolution of Soundwave. For me, his character was the reason why I liked putting up with Optimus Prime’s endless death and rebirth cycle, the birth of emo (Thanks to Starscream), and those endless quests for energon cubes. So, when the new Soundwave was announced, I knew there were going to be changes. I just didn’t realize the character was going to be a pale robotic mutilation of what he once was. Yes, I understand the need to evolve characters. No, I don’t enjoy it when they are broken.

It’s been a challenge to find the original character in a decent state. So, I turned to someone who knows a lot about toys and toy design. Phil Reed, COO for Steve Jackson Games, is also an expert. If you haven’t checked out you should, because he gives the type of reviews that are not only informative, but blunt.

On his recommendation, I picked up this version of Soundwave from Big Bad Toy Store and I couldn’t be happier. So, without further babbling, I present to you… a revived and renewed version of Soundwave, Rumble, and Ratbat.

Encore: #21 Soundblaster is equipped with shoulder-mounted gun, handheld gun, and three missile projectiles, and is accompanied by two new Cassette Warriors, Enemy and Wingthing w/ translucent cassette cases.

Utilizing the original Soundwave mode, Soundblaster features a darker color scheme and a deepened cassette portal which enables him to carry two of his warriors at once. Soundblaster is the result of Soundwave’s final showdown with Blaster, the result of which left both destroyed. Soundwave’s body is blown apart, but the remains are salvaged by his cassette warriors; Scorponok subsequently reconfigures the remnants of Soundwave into Soundblaster. A repaint utilizing the Rumble/Frenzy mold, Enemy is equipped with twin guns. Previously, Enemy was only available as part of radio/headset and (head only) a Transformers Voice Changer. Utilizing the Ratbat mold, Wingthing is equipped with twin guns. Previously serving as the transforming partner of Action Master Soundwave, Wingthing exists to implement brutality and destruction on Soundblaster’s behalf. Among his fellow Decepticons, Wingthing is looped into the general disesteem reserved for Soundblaster.

Now, to learn Japanese…

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  1. Eddy Webb

    That was in the Headmasters cartoon, in one of the first episodes and OH MY GOD I AM SUCH A NERD.

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