Need Your Help! Droid or iPhone?


Yep, I need help figuring out what phone to get. Before I get to that? A link appetizer!

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On With The Phone

So, if you’ve been following me on Twitter, you probably know I’ve been lamenting nay agonizing over which phone to get. I’ve since narrowed it down to a micro-tablet phone in the form of a Droid or an iPhone. I have an iPod Nano (LOVE!) but the rest of my equipment is all PC-based. I’ve tried out the Blackberry and I don’t like it. Prefer the touch screen and will probably get a stylus for it, too.

I’d say I’d have moderate-to-heavy usage. Here’s what I need a new phone for:

  • To work when I’m traveling
  • Texting
  • Internet and Google Docs
  • Photos
  • E-mail
  • App testing
  • Sync my iTunes account
  • eCommerce testing
  • GPS
  • Angry Birds
  • Twitter
  • Actual telephone calls

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

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3 Responses to Need Your Help! Droid or iPhone?
  1. Darren Orange

    I would go android all the way. The most wide spread mobile operating system. Which is also the most capable. Sadly iPhone OS is highly tweaked not fully reworked software that is now fairly dated. It’s kind of like an old MMO they keep trying to update the graphics on but no mater what they do they can’t keep up. The new Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.0 leaves iOS firmly in the dust. If I where you I’d wait for ASUS padfone to come out which likely will feature the Tegra 3(quad core cpu) and also be able to integrate with a tablet to give you a full tablet interface. That will give you the maximum use while on the go and best bang for the buck likely. iPhone hardware tech is also getting very dated fast, they won’t be able to keep up and its starting to show now. They can’t make all the hardware themselves while other dedicated companies for OS like Android are doing each what they do best. If you don’t want to wait, I’d look at the Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy Note…both feature best resolution screens and pretty much industry standard ones also(720P) That should allow you to read and write easier. The note has 5″ screen Nexus has 4.56″ screen. Makes the little iPhone screen which is now size wise 4 years old a joke. Okay now I am really done 😉 Hope this helps.

  2. Ravenpenny

    What Darren said, he’s pretty much got the ball in the right court for the 3-pt swish. Thats about everything that could be said for the Android OS and a bit more. I’d also like to add that the sheer amount of apps avaiable from the Market and third-party sites like Amazon Appstore and Getjar is staggering. It literally boggled my mind when I first got to browsing.


  3. manda(rific)

    I mentioned it on Twitter, but I’m a little biased to Google. The iPhones are COOL, don’t get me wrong, but one reason I prefer the Droid is just because I use a LOT of Google products and I like that they’re already integrated; gmail, talk, and so on. Google Music is also a really awesome feature, you can definitely sync it with your itunes and have your music anywhere.

    I also really don’t like that the iPhone doesn’t let you add microsd cards. I’m a space hog and like being able to carry extra information on the go, so that’s a huge con for me.

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