Why I’m Against SOPA

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SOPA is a controversial act that would prevent users from visiting a website accused of piracy. There are many reasons why I’m against this act, but there are three things I find dangerous. First? This is the type of law that can be abused for reasons other than piracy. Second? This will not stop piracy. And third? When combined with other net neutrality laws, where emphasis is placed on higher-trafficked sites as opposed to lower ones, citing SOPA could affect less-trafficked sites especially if and when a mistake is made. Mistakes on site take downs? Yes, they do happen and they can be widespread.

This video is from a researcher who talks about why SOPA is a bad idea. The bill goes to the House floor shortly. The full text, minus whatever revisions are being proposed, is available here. Ironically, it’s described as a way “to promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation by combating the theft of U.S. property, and for other purposes.”

If you agree that this is a terrible idea, then I encourage you to read up on SOPA and call or write your representatives today. I did.

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