Um, So Who Died and Called the 80s?

Every. Where. I. Look. The. 80s. Have. Returned. I hear people arguing about who sung which song. Most of the songs I stayed up late to watch music videos of are being remade. Smooth Criminal? SHEESH. I’m seeing feathers and cargo shirts and fluorescent yellows and men with perms.

If they bring back jelly shoes I might have to buy a Cabbage Patch kid. I mean, they’re already showing episodes of Jem and Rainbow Brite is on Netflix. What’s next? Friendship bracelets? Admittedly, I am making one simply because it’s absolutely, positively stupid that some sites are charging sixty bucks for them because they’re “in vogue.” ‘Course, this is coming from the girl who picked up a print of He-Man from Tim Seeley. Yeah, well. It’s He-Man. Didn’t you want to know what secrets Grayskull held?

Oy. To share my nostalgic pain, check out this video from Funny or Die. Not work safe. Just sayin’.

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